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in Facebook - 22 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - one comment

Are you one of those married men that flirt on Facebook, or those who flirt with girls you know even when you’re in a relationship? We have good news for you, Facebook created a new poke app, this app allows users to send text, image or video message, but this message will self destruct after […]

in Facebook - 21 Dec, 2012
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    Facebook have made a huge improvement in the privacy settings and the user experience in relation with the user interface, empowering the users to easily set who can view what, who can contact them and who they want to be invisible to.             The new setting show 3 […]

in Social - 18 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - 3 comments

Facebook is killing Yelp and Foursquare with a new feature “Nearby” that let user search and discover local businesses recommended by friends or visited by friends. The Nearby feature offer the same functionality as Yelp or Foursquare with the only difference is that it is integrated in the system instead of being an external application. […]

in chat systems - 15 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

We previously wrote  about Microsoft plan to replace windows live messenger by skype, it seams these plans have entered in action, Microsoft messenger users are now welcomed by a popup window asking them to upgrade from windows live messenger to skype. The use of the term upgrade, give the impression that skype is superior to […]

in Social - 10 Dec, 2012
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Facebook is down again, and internet users go to twitter to verify if they are experiencing this alone, or it’s a general downtime for the site. so probably this is the last time we will write about facebook going offline, you can verify twitter when you are in doubt: https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=facebook&src=rela

in Social - 06 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

There could be only one! That’s the mentality of social networks, a social network is by definition supposed to connect people and due to the fact that often people travel, change their living place or even migrate,  a real social  network can not exist on a local scale not even on a national scale. Facebook […]

in Social - 09 Nov, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Exactly one week since last down time, facebook is down again! some of what was earlier reported can be still applicable, more info: http://techfact.org/2012/11/02/facebook-is-down-sorry-something-went-wrong/ last time it was a Europe specific issue, so far we are unable to conclude whether it is like last time or there’s other issues. It seems that facebook have been […]

in Social - 06 Nov, 2012
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In April 2012 Facebook bought Instagram  for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram is a free social photo-sharing program that was launched in October 2010. Some have wondered, why would facebook be interested in acquiring this startup (it’s largest acquisition), the answer might be clearer now! Facebook gained popularity in comparison to other social […]

in Mobile - 03 Nov, 2012
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Twitter is planning to introduce photo filters for mobile applications for photos to allow users to bypass instagram while sharing pictures on twitter,  Instagram a popular mobile photo-sharing website/Application was acquired by Facebook for approximately 1 billion $. Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that let its users share text-based messages of […]

in Hot Topics - 02 Nov, 2012
by Tech Journalist - one comment

updated title – Facebook down in Europe it seams the social network site is down or at least not responsive! when trying to access it we get this message: Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back Facebook © 2012 · Help the error is also […]