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in Funding - 20 Sep, 2017
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This is not a sponsored post or paid advertisement. Recently, startups found a new way to raise funds, instead of going to investors, some decided to issue coins and tokens on the blockchain. For most of these tokens and coins, they were what can be described as financial securities, but that wasn’t a problem, because […]

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in Technology - 06 Jun, 2017
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girls do not like coding

For the last few years, there have been a huge effort to push women into becoming coders. Every rock was turned to find out why women do not get the same opportunities in tech as men do. Gender and diversity data have became a tradition, or maybe a requirement in Silicon Valley. Gender equality have […]

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in Internet - 17 Jan, 2016
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Spam bots have had a major role in the demise of many services and the rise of others, for example the last days of Myspace dominance as a social network were filled with user complaints due to the amount of bots, befriending & messaging ordinary users. Facebook was able to quickly win myspace users, simply […]

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in Technology - 16 May, 2015
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Strong Artificial Intelligence Fear   Strong AI is a term used to describe a certain mindset of artificial intelligence development. Strong AI’s goal is to develop artificial intelligence to the point where the machine’s intellectual capability is functionally equal to a human’s   For many, a strong Artificial Intelligence is an eventuality, for others it […]

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in Google - 04 May, 2015
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Google’s famous motto : “Don’t be evil”, is misunderstood!   In their book “How Google Works“, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, and Jonathan Rosenberg, an adviser to Larry Page,wrote:  “Don’t be evil” is mainly another way to empower employees… Googlers do regularly check their moral compass when making decisions.  citing the example of an engineer who, […]

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in smartphone apps - 07 Mar, 2015
by Parth - no comments

Brain Training Apps: How useful are they? I have been working monotonously since a last couple of months, thought I needed a change and how can I still stay more focused and sharp as I used to stay during my student life. The search of solution ended after visiting and registering on some of the […]

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in Apple - 26 Oct, 2014
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When technology solve problems it creates wealth, but when tech tries to disrupt industries it creates enemies! 20 years ago, when Amazon launched it entered in direct competition with big bookstores, but at the time, internet was far less present in our daily lives, thus Amazon was not seen as a real threat to the […]

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in Uncategorized - 18 Oct, 2014
by Sarah - no comments

30 years ago, parents used to have to limit play time their kids had with other kids, in favor of more educational activities, having kids playing in the garden or playground or even in the neighborhood was the normality. In the  80’s and 90’s, video games expansion and adoption was super fast, Atari, Sega, Nintendo […]

in Startups - 30 Sep, 2014
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Start-ups, unlike standard businesses often have to grow fast and try to conquer the market before any other competitor does it! In their pursuit of market conquest, these mostly high tech businesses often forget the basic rules for running a company and growing, they forget that they should focus on revenue, instead they try to […]

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in Startups - 08 Aug, 2014
by Siddharth Muzumdar - no comments

Entrepreneurship in India is probably the next big thing. There is countless evidence to support the notion that people are beginning to get fed up of their monotonous jobs and are looking for their own ventures to carve a career out of. The number of start-ups has exploded in the last decade and it is not […]

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