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Credit and debit cards forever changed the way humans conduct business and view their finances. Before these plastic payment cards, the only way you could purchase something was with cash and checks. Cash is a hard currency; you can touch it, hoard it, spend it, or do whatever else you want with it. It is nonetheless physically in your possession; the amount of money you are capable of spending with cash is the amount of […]

kids play game time

30 years ago, parents used to have to limit play time their kids had with other kids, in favor of more educational activities, having kids playing in the garden or playground or even in the neighborhood was the normality. In the  80’s and 90’s, video games expansion and adoption was super fast, Atari, Sega, Nintendo started replacing play time with video games time, at that time the consoles were more like family entertainment, but quickly […]

tech bubble

Start-ups, unlike standard businesses often have to grow fast and try to conquer the market before any other competitor does it! In their pursuit of market conquest, these mostly high tech businesses often forget the basic rules for running a company and growing, they forget that they should focus on revenue, instead they try to grow quickly hopefully to get acquired by big tech companies. This behavior requires lots of cash and consumes lots of […]

new jersy

NJ has fine-tuned its online gaming sector, thanks to top technology! In the months leading up to the legalization of online casino games in New Jersey, legislators had several major issues to work out. These included ensuring that players within the geographic boundaries of New Jersey would be able to access the games offered by all the regulated online casinos. Since online gaming legalities are determined on a state-by-state basis, geolocation services are required to […]


The Internet, iOS, and other technological developments have changed the face of the gambling industry drastically in recent years. Slotomania is a prime example of how online video casinos are making their mark and in many cases actually overtaking live casinos in popularity. Using the latest technology to develop games and to ensure online security, Slotomania is, in fact, almost a clone of a live casino. Las Vegas Comes to You on Your iPhone Millions […]


In the digital age, it is hard for shop owners to know why they should use receipt printers. It seems much more prudent to email a receipt to a customer or just let the customer go without one. While many customers do appreciate this, many would benefit from a physical receipt to help them budget and to properly stay up on that budget. This blog is going to explore why you should use a point […]

Entrepreneurship in India is probably the next big thing. There is countless evidence to support the notion that people are beginning to get fed up of their monotonous jobs and are looking for their own ventures to carve a career out of. The number of start-ups has exploded in the last decade and it is not likely to slow down in the foreseeable future, considering the raw potential and talent that abounds the country.   Right […]

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