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In 2 months this site will be 3 years old, what started as a blog to vent frustration against the bias, lies and BS of tech bloggers and news sites … have become a tech news destination! During these 2+ years we evolved and we listened to our readers, and from what we learned we decided to  have a more specialized approach. Here are the changes to our site: 1- Now, we have different independent […]

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This question have been raised more and more recently! Is Google Manipulating results? In recent months, a coupon company in which Google invested was found dominating hundreds of search terms and ranking in top positions in search results, all the major competitors which are much much more famous, did not even rank as good for a tiny fraction of the keywords, how is this possible? is is it a coincidence or search is really broken? […]

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To the untrained eye, Google is on top of it’s game, but underneath this well polished and maintained brand there’s a lot of rust surfacing, and not in one specific location, but rather all over the place. Here’s what i personally noticed – first hand – not read on blogs during only a 2 week period: Search is broken: Google search have not evolved, it did not become any smarter, actually it’s becoming dumber … […]


To start there’s a distinction between Facebook advertising & Facebook marketing! Facebook advertising is simply displaying ads on the social network, it’s exactly like displaying ads anywhere else, with the exception, it’s a bit more targeted. Facebook marketing is a bit different, it’s kind of a discussion, it’s a category of marketing where you interact with your fans and build your Brand. But unfortunately, Facebook marketing is Dead and buried, and here’s why: 1- You […]

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There’s a lot of controversy around the web about the search ranking achieved by one of Google Ventures investments, in August 2011 RetailMeNot raised $10 million led by Google Ventures (since RMN have raised more $230M and went public with stock symbol NASDAQ:SALE.  on 6/17/13) . Eventhough Google Ventures have more than 258 investment, this one in particular is under close scrutiny, and for a good reason, this company is dominating Search engine ranking in a […]

Bitcoins purpose

It’s true that we were always skeptical about bitcoin, and who wouldn’t be? A virtual currency that was gaining momentum, without being backed by neither a government nor any commodity. But, while we were skeptical, all the major tech and news site were talking about it, in a way that made the reader put his trust in a currency made of thin air! And they did, and the virtual currency soared giving it at one […]


In the last few years, there has always been talk about how online casinos are poised to overtake their brick-and-mortar counterparts as the prime go-to venues for gaming aficionados. Come November of last year, Atlantic City finally pushed through with the implementation of online gaming rooms in its physical casinos, giving further credibility to the case. By the time 2013 came to a close, New Jersey saw a profit of more than $8.4 million made […]

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