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in Weekly - 04 Mar, 2013
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Tech News for this week:   Every week, we present a quick summary of the most important events and news in the Tech industry, below you’ll find the main news for this week: Mobile: Apple update will neutralize EvasiOn Jailbreak. Sony will have Firefox OS operated mobiles next year. A second iPhone bypass code bug […]

in Weekly - 25 Feb, 2013
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Tech news of the week We try each week to have a roundup of the latest Tech News & Events, it is still a messy unorganized process but we are trying to make it more organized, we will publish the tech news of the week every Sunday or Monday. Software: Windows 8 upgrade will be […]

in Weekly - 12 Feb, 2013
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Tech News of the week   Feb 20: PS4 is to be announced by Sony (price tag: rumored to be 400$) Linkedin have now more than 200 Million member. Amazon Coins a virtual currency to be launched in May (only in U.S.), it will allow users to buy apps > our analsys: Amazon strategy would […]

in Weekly - 03 Feb, 2013
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– Twitter website have been hacked and 250k account were compromised, don’t panic, twitter have sent a reset password links to all affected accounts. – Kim Dotcom offered a $13.5 k  reward to anyone that finds any security bugs on his new service Mega. – 1 Billion Euros to build a superconductor able of simulating […]

in Weekly - 29 Jan, 2013
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Twitter release an instagram of video iOS app, called Vine limited to 6 sec, record only while you hold your thumb. Facebook limits access of Vine to it’s network blocking users from finding their friends, renders Vine much less useful. Yahoo 4th quarter revenue at $1.22 billion, Yahoo! exhibiting revenue growth for the first time […]

in Weekly - 17 Jan, 2013
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Facebook Launch Graph search in limited Beta, to allow a better search of the network data. Facebook Messenger App becoming a Skype competitor, allowing VoIP (now in U.S. after testing it in Canada). Microsoft Bing sidebar, offering deeper results from Facebook friends. Cyber spy operation in 69 countries uncovered, after almost 5 years of existence. […]