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in Startups - 19 Dec, 2013
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How to Get tech media coverage for my Startup?

If you are trying to get some media coverage for your startup … we have some good news!

We have decided to cover all the startups (that pitch us ) looking to get some media attention,
please read below to understand the logic behind our decision, and what is required from you.

1st, Why cover all startups?

We know that there’s thousands of startups, and that most startups fail (see top reasons why startups fail).
But we also understand that launching or running a startup is not easy,
and that Tech Journalists are 1 percenters, they cover extensively the top 1% of startups and ignore completely the remaining 99%!
That’s why we decided to give everybody a chance to get noticed, maybe our article will help you get a partner, cofounder or even investor, or maybe not, either ways we hope we’ll be able to help you!

2nd, What kind of media coverage are you looking for ?

If you want to announce the launch of a new product or new feature, and you are looking for main tech media coverage, maybe it’s best to hire a professional PR agency to handle that, but if you want to get some general press about your startup, we can help you with that.

3rd, Rules to follow, to get an article on our site.

  • Prepare a full description about your startup + All the details about your startup
    (Registered company/ not yet ;  Country/ city;  etc..)
  • Provide details (name-age- nationality)  about the founders and the team(if any).
  • Answer these questions: what is your offer? who are your competitors?
  • What is your target audience (by age/language/gender/country)
  • Are you funded, origin of the capital?
  • Your social media presence (twitter/fb/G+)
  • No links, you will get no links, due to SEO spammers, we no longer offer links, if you are looking to improve your Search engine position, hire an SEO service provider!
  • We expect from you to share the article about your startup – we might remove the article if you don’t share it (yeah if we want to be nice, we’ll be nice to those who deserve it )!!!
  • Follow us on twitter or facebook
  • Don’t lie to us!