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in Weekly - 12 Feb, 2013
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Tech Weekly News [week 6 – Feb 13]

Tech News of the week


  • Feb 20: PS4 is to be announced by Sony (price tag: rumored to be 400$)
  • Linkedin have now more than 200 Million member.
  • Amazon Coins a virtual currency to be launched in May (only in U.S.), it will allow users to buy apps > our analsys: Amazon strategy would be to eventually allow in apps purchases and expand across devices as an in app payment currency.
  • About.me buys itself back from AOL.
  • Yahoo Acquires Alike Team that built a Mobile Nearby Recommendation app.


  • New Xbox console name: Durango will come with enhanced voice recognition system a bit like Siri (Voice recognition system from Apple).
  • Dell trying to go private and MS helping it > Reaction: HP announces the plan to build a chromebook >> Big DELL shareholder Southeastern Asset Management Inc.(8.5% of shares) will go all the way to oppose the $24 billion deal.
  • Skydrive from Microsoft is now hosting 1 billion office document. > a Google Drive VS. Skydive should be done.
  • Russian Search Engine Yandex, surpasses Bing and becomes the 4th most used Search Engine, Bing becomes 5th, Google remain 1st with 65.2% of search volume, Chinese search engine Baidu second with 8.2% and Yahoo 3rd with 4.9%


  • The Wall Street Journal, in an article last week claimed that Illegal Movies Upload is reappearing on Youtube > Our Analysis: the problem is not new and definetly not reappearing! at least 30% if not 90% of youtube content is copyrighted videos, and from it there’s a good 5% of movies.
  • Google  Agreed to pay $80 million to french publishers > Reaction: now all european publishers want the same treatment, European Publishers Council asks Google to extend it’s offer across Europe.
  • Google Maps Marathon in India, the best way to improve Google maps for Free, well not quite Free because Goog will be giving gadgets to the top 1000 participant > I wish i can make people work for hats and tshirts as Goog does.
  • Google Drive allows hosting and sharing  HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files > Analysis: Google Drive might soon become a web hosting service.
  • Google self driving cars technology will be available in 5 years > regulations need to follow
  • Google Paid Apple $1 billion to be default search engine on iOS safari browser (Apple disclosed agreement to FTC).


  • Envasion Jailbreak ; over 7 million devices in 4 days.
  • Some iPhone owners experiencing overheating and battery drain after upgrading to iOS 6.1
  • A study claim that almost 300 million iPhone and 800 Android phone will be Active by the end of 2013.
  • Apple looses iPhone trademark in Brazil to a company that registered it in 2000.
  • Apple & Samsung making 103% of the profits in Mobile handsets (Apple 69%), Motorola, Nokia , others losing.
  • As previously reported the 128GB retina display ipads hit the Apple store.
  • Big Shareholder accuse Apple of hording money and try to sue Apple > Apple CEO says company won’t waste time on it.
  • Apple pay $8 billion to the 775,000 apps developpers

Open Source:

  • Ubuntu open source OS smarthphones will be available this October, starting with Galaxy Nexus handset by samsung.

Cyber Security:

  • European Union proposal for new cyber rules, request firms and institution to report cyber attacks, each country would have to appoint a Computer Emergency Response Team and create an authority to whom companies would report breaches.
  • Cyber crime: Servers controlling 300.000 to 1 million computers though the use of malware and spyware (known as botnet), were detected and shut down by Microsoft and Symantec Corp
  • Anonymous Hack a Federal reserve website and access personal information on 4000 u.s. bank executives.


  • According to regulators, Facebook deleted all Facial recognisition Data for EU users.
  • Facebook working with Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum, to have facebook preloaded in millions of Android based cheap smartphones.
  • Facebook developing a tracking app (similar to Google latitude and Apple) that will detect nearby friends > make money selling you nearby ads.
  • Instagram feeds now available on the web > Facebook must be happy this didn’t happen before they acquired Instagram.

Advertising :

  • Yahoo deal with Google to start filling unsold Ad placement with Google’s contextual ad units.
  • Facebook to buy Microsoft ad-serving business Atlas for less than $100 million > becoming a threat to Adsense /Adwords.
  • Twitter increase promoted twitter trends price: now cost $200,000 per day (previously was $150,000).


  • Microsoft Xbox 360 might become an entertainment console with premium content production.
  • Twitter Buys Social TV Analytics Company Bluefin Labs.