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- Twitter website have been hacked and 250k account were compromised, don’t panic, twitter have sent a reset password links to all affected accounts.

- Kim Dotcom offered a $13.5 k  reward to anyone that finds any security bugs on his new service Mega.

- 1 Billion Euros to build a superconductor able of simulating the human brain work – The European Commission announced that the Human Brain Project (HBP) will receive up to a billion euros over the next ten ten years.

- Google send proposals To EU regulator, in a hope to avoid anti trust penalty.

- RIM to become Blackberry, the company to take the name of it’s product.

- Google created a €60 million  (aprox $80 million) fund to settle disputes with French publishers avoiding thus the proposed “link tax

- Sony to announce PS4 (Play Station 4) on February 20th, the console should be launched by the end of the year.

- International telecommunication Union (ITU) approves H.265 Video CODEC, will increase the High Definition content online in the next years.

- February 5th, Apple to start selling iPad4 with a 128GB disk space , for 799$ for wifi, 929$ for wifi +cellular edition. Previous iPads were  available in 16GB,32GB,64 GB.

- Blackberry release Z10 Phone ,touchscreen no more keyboard smartphone , release Blackberry 10 OS (touchscreen operating system)

- Microsoft office 365 service, to offer the office for $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month, possibility to install and use the MS office on 5 devices, and you get 1h free Skype calls, and 20GB extra on Skydrive account as a Bonus.

- Youtube to roll out a subscription fees for premium channels , 1 to 5$ per month per channel, users will pay to watch specific videos from these channels.




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