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in Weekly - 03 Feb, 2013
by Tech Journalist - one comment
Tech News for week 5 [January 28- February 3]

Twitter website have been hacked and 250k account were compromised, don’t panic, twitter have sent a reset password links to all affected accounts.

Kim Dotcom offered a $13.5 k  reward to anyone that finds any security bugs on his new service Mega.

– 1 Billion Euros to build a superconductor able of simulating the human brain work – The European Commission announced that the Human Brain Project (HBP) will receive up to a billion euros over the next ten ten years.

Google send proposals To EU regulator, in a hope to avoid anti trust penalty.

RIM to become Blackberry, the company to take the name of it’s product.

– Google created a €60 million  (aprox $80 million) fund to settle disputes with French publishers avoiding thus the proposed “link tax

Sony to announce PS4 (Play Station 4) on February 20th, the console should be launched by the end of the year.

– International telecommunication Union (ITU) approves H.265 Video CODEC, will increase the High Definition content online in the next years.

– February 5th, Apple to start selling iPad4 with a 128GB disk space , for 799$ for wifi, 929$ for wifi +cellular edition. Previous iPads were  available in 16GB,32GB,64 GB.

– Blackberry release Z10 Phone ,touchscreen no more keyboard smartphone , release Blackberry 10 OS (touchscreen operating system)

Microsoft office 365 service, to offer the office for $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month, possibility to install and use the MS office on 5 devices, and you get 1h free Skype calls, and 20GB extra on Skydrive account as a Bonus.

Youtube to roll out a subscription fees for premium channels , 1 to 5$ per month per channel, users will pay to watch specific videos from these channels.