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in Mobile - 23 Dec, 2012
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xPhone VS. iPhone , Google to Launch Apple mobile handset competitor

Google is planing to launch an iPhone competitor, the new mobile handset will be called xPhone, and it will be running on Android.


The new phone will be produced by the Motorola division, the search giant bought for $12.5 billion in may 2012, ( recently laid off roughly 20% of Motorola Mobility staff, and selling the set-top box division of Motorola  for $2.35 billion.); A report, in the Wall Street Journal, suggests the mysterious device is set to be launched “next year” and is going through a number of iterations, the feel and the looks of the handset is probably not yet final.


According to Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside, the company is investing in “technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches.” Some rumors suggest “face, object and gesture recognition.” features to be part of the xPhone.


After the xPhone, we should maybe expect xTablet, and with the Google Glass project, this should help the Search giant control a big share of the smart objects.


A question would be raised sooner or later, what would be the influence of Google launch it’s own handset on it’s relation with it’s partners, specially companies like Samsung , LG, HTC, Sonny, Ericson, Toshiba, Dell that have established the Android OS in Mobile and tablet market? Would the xPhone be consider just another handset or be seen as Google trying to have dominance in the mobile industry.


Something is sure, no one can count on alliances with big internet tech companies, it have been proven over and over again, that these big companies can take control over entire industries and services in relatively short time. ( see how Facebook killing several startups)