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in Hot Topics - 14 Aug, 2012
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Accusation against Facebook for deceiving developers over security

Facebook was thought to be playing clean with developers until it was found out that it has been deceiving developers over security. Although after paying thousands of dollars to verify the security of the Facebook apps, but in reality it has been doing nothing to do the same and has been accused of it. It has been reported that Facebook was fed around $95,000 by the developers whose app made it to the list of verified app scheme. Facebook simply gave them the green light without any testing and regarded them as trustworthy for user experience. This fact was revealed when the US Federal Trade Commission plunged into the matter.


Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has found out that Facebook has taken no steps even to review the apps before giving the trustworthy tag to them. They further revealed that Facebook has awarded as much as 254 verified badges to application without even taking to trouble to review the app. To get a verified badge one is obliged to pay a sum of $375 in case of Developers and $175 for students and other non-profit organisation. The advantage of getting verified is that it got good rank in search results as well as higher rank in the directory of Facebook apps. Facebook has said that each app has to pass through detailed reviews and tests before it was given the verified badge of being secure, respectful as well as transparent. However, FTC claimed it to be deceptive in their 19 page long list of privacy charges against the social networking giant Facebook.


FTC has quoted that “Contrary to the statements set forth in paragraph 46, before it awarded the Verified Apps badge, Facebook took no steps to verify either the security of a verified application’s website or the security the application provided for the user information it collected, beyond such steps as it may have taken regarding any other Platform Application”. It also included that by this users are also being deceived and Facebook was taking zero steps for the sake of the safety of its users.


It was on Friday when Facebook finally agreed a settlement with FTC. A term of this settlement binds Facebook to entrust an independent department to make regular inspection of policies for the next 20 years onwards. Facebook is currently working on ideas and criteria that the apps must abide by to get verified badges and rules that apply to all the application in the Facebook platform.