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in Mobile - 07 Aug, 2012
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Nokia to come up with Windows 8 handset in September


Nokia Windows 8The month of September is going to be quite happening for mobile phones specially those running on Windows. Words were out that Nokia will be revealing their Windows 8 powered smart phones in the upcoming month of September. However many critics considered it to be a rumor. The news originally spread from a Chinese site that claimed that Nokia will be launching two Lumia series phone that will be running on Windows 8 operating system on the 5th of September. Moreover the statement has been supported by Bloomberg also, bringing to light the logic behind the launch is the Nokia World Event which is all set to be happening next month.


Moreover the reason for any early release may also because its competitor Apple iPhone 5 is also expected to be released in the mid of the same month. Although there were no declarations from the office of the Nokia phone makers, neither did they retaliate to this news. Thus this validates that this is not a rumor. However, the company has declared that they would be holding at least one event in the early September. And which seems to be the gateway for the revelation of the new Windows 8 based Lumia series mobile phones from Nokia. Several sources however claimed the date to be 5th and 6th of September when the Nokia World event will be held.


On that event the devices will be available for preview purposes for retailers, critics and others. The designs in which these new Windows phones will come are still unclear. But it has been doubted that the company will stick to their durable polycarbonate frame and body styles that we have already witnessed in the other Lumias – Lumia 800 as well as Lumia 900. They might as well be using the 41 Mega Pixel Camera technology of Nokia PureView 808, but there is no official word about the specs of the phone. Thus, what hardware will be used is still hiding in the dark until the Nokia World event when they unveil it for the first time. Up-gradation of the older processor into a faster one and increase in the RAM as well as storage has been expected.


Apple iPhone 5 will be introduced in the mid of September within two weeks of revelation of the Windows 8 Nokia phones. Thus Nokia will be in a much stipulated time to make changes to hardware to retaliate to any expected move of Apple of introducing new hardware. However, until the phone is brought to light in the first week of September, nothing can be said with guarantee about the hardware or its software.