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in Hot Topics - 23 Jul, 2012
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Apple’s iPhone 5 will feature smaller 19-pin dock connector

Apple is set to change the traditional 30-pin wide dock connector in favour of the smaller 19-pin one for its next-generation iPhone. The port’s size can be measured as between a micro and mini-USB.


This move is to make room for the earphone port that will be located at the bottom of the handset, amongst other advantages. For instance, a smaller dock connector might allow Apple to design a larger battery or to make even smaller products.


However, this also means that the latest iPhone 5 will not be compatible with a range of other Apple products and many peripheral accessories that have been used for many years. It is possible that Apple can release an adaptor to make up for the incompatibility. Using the iPhone 5 with previous connectors can reduce the sunk cost for the consumer.


In fact, analysts see this change as a huge opportunity for accessory businesses to manufacture a new slew of accompanying products.


Other features of the new iPhone include a taller display screen for enhanced operating system navigation and video viewing. The smartphone will also come with Apple’s latest iOS 6, with an improved Siri app, integration with Facebook, and a native Maps application as well.


The iPhone 5 is scheduled to go on sale during the fall.