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in Hot Topics - 15 Jul, 2012
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New “Agaves” web apps for Microsoft Office 2013

As reported earlier in March, Microsoft is getting ready to release its latest web applications called “Agaves” to accompany the development of Office 15. Microsoft’s developers have created a workspace within an Office application such as Word or Excel that allows it to interact with webpages.


Users who opt in will be able to use the features of “Agaves” web extensions when they open, edit or view an Office document. “Agaves” are compatible with Word, Excel, Outlook and Project.


There are three broad categories under which the features fall. The Task Pane is the first one, and is only applicable to Word and Excel. This extension allows users to search for content on the Internet and include them easily into the Office document. It makes use of reference apps such as Bing, Factiva, and Merriam-Webster. The second type of “Agaves” extension is related to content for Excel. It provides the user the ability to plot location data on a map, and embed dates and times into cells. The third category adds a mail app to Outlook 2013, connecting the user to their contacts’ presence on social networks, or allowing them to reserve hotels and rent cars within Outlook.


These apps are going to be launched soon, and users can easily install them with a Microsoft or Office 365 account.