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in Hot Topics - 14 Jul, 2012
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XBMC for Android almost arrived

The developers at XBMC have announced the imminent release of the XBMC file sharing application for all Android-based devices. The popular cross-platform multimedia began its run on the first-generation Xbox, but is now compatible with PC, Mac OS X, Linus, and soon Android.


Installing the app is easy and convenient. The Android smartphone, tablet or set-top-box need not be rooted or jailbroken to gain access to the multimedia sharing software. Crossing many platforms, this is a great way to manage personal user content and share different media. There is also a wide range of features available on the Android XBMC.


Overall, the app is stable, but XBMC developers are still ironing out a few details before release. According to their blog, “[they] considered waiting until universal hardware decode was ready before making the announcement, but in the end decided that in the spirit of keeping things open and working with [their] ever-expanding community, it made sense to open up sooner rather than later.”


XBMC has made the source code obtainable, while it releases the APKs for those interested in beta testing the app. Meanwhile, users can check out a demonstration: