Startups Coverage

If you are looking for some coverage for your startup you landed on the right page, read till the end of this page, to understand the different conditions to cover your startup:
First, know that we would love to cover every startup, idea or project, but the amount of work required to answer to just 10% of the emails is way beyond our capacities. This why we decided previously to stop writing about small startups, but we finally figured out a way to filter the startups, and it allows us to write about the good ones, or the ones that are basically funding our blogging activity, so please see the conditions below.

  • In all cases, we expect from you to be following us on twitter and liking our Facebook page, before you even ask us to write about your startup – savoir vivre!
  • If your startup is already known, example a popular tech blog or a newspaper wrote about it, please provide us with links.
  • If you are building something exceptional, chances are someone wrote about you previously (please share the link or links).
  • If you startup is just a service or a product that have some competitors, we can write about you, but unless we are impressed, we will not share the story with our wider audience and an article writing fee of (30$) apply.
  • If your startup is in the idea phase or is not a registered company please answer the questions below, and you will have to pay an article writing fee of (30$).
  • If you are running a crowdfunding campaign, again, unless we are impressed, you will have to pay an article writing fee of (30$).
  • If your startup is a one person project without any team,you will have to pay an article writing fee of (30$).
  • If your startup is a registered company with a Team, pleas provide documents that prove the existence of the company, and answer the questions below.
  • If you want us to provide a tech product review – hands on , please know you will have to send us the product and you are not getting it back.
  • If you want us to write about a paid app – you will need to pay the cost plus an article writing fee of (30$) might apply.

Needed information in any case:

  1. Founders info : Their position &  linkedin, twitter, facebook, email, angellist profiles.
  2. Phone numbers: For the CEO, CMO, CFO & CTO.
  3. If you raised funds: What stage ? From who ? (please provide the investors names and contact details.)

Waived fee, you don’t have to pay an article writing fee of (30$) in the following cases:

  1. You work with a PR agency that we have a partnership with.
  2. You purchased an explainer video or animation video from our partners (click the links).
  3. You have been a big fan of ours for some time, sharing and tweeting our articles.
  4. You have enlisted the services of any of the following companies:
    Sales Outsource
    Marketing Outsource
    Content Marketing
    Software development Outsource
    Viral Marketing
    Blog Outreach
  5. You have bought the investors database or press database from our business database partner.

To contact us, email us at: techfact