SPARTA , The mother of all ICOs

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Update: Sparta canceled their ICO, and adopted a token distribution aproach instead, each startup gets 1million token, then they use these token to get funding and help with growth.



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Recently, startups found a new way to raise funds, instead of going to investors, some decided to issue coins and tokens on the blockchain.

For most of these tokens and coins, they were what can be described as financial securities, but that wasn’t a problem, because there were no regulations in place to prevent that. But now there is, now the US, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, China and many others have expressed their opinions on ICOs.

Yet, one particular ICO stand out, maybe not by the hype around it, but by how it is avoiding the regulation trap, and by it’s identity and context.
Sparta ICO : is different, and the best way to present this difference would be through a list:

  1. SPARTA token, is a kind of gift card or credit points that can be used in the Sparta startups ecosystem. Meaning you can use it to buy a lot of products and services online – thus clearly not a financial security.
  2. The token will basically help build 300 startups, yeah, crazy, it is like you are grouping 300 ICOs under 1 token !!!
  3. The name is amazing, and you can’t ignore the marketing genius of it.
  4. They already have a huge reach, one of their startups have 600k fans on facebook!
  5. They are determined, and ready to challenge status quo, just translate their slogan from Latin, and you will understand their entire culture and attitude.
  6. They have a smart founder, Sparta Startups Founder IQ is 147, found this info online, he was answering some IQ related questions on quora.
  7. They are located in a the middle of Europe, a place where talent is abundant and cheaper than big startup hubs.
  8. They have experience with startups, what most ICO founders don’t even have, most ICOs would easily burn the entire ICO money without achieving anything.
  9. They are experienced in marketing and sales, the founders having run marketing and sales teams for 10+ years.
  10. They are SPARTA, and you simply can not say no to Sparta!

Go check them: Sparta ICO :


Disclaimer: Techfact has an agreement with Sparta Startups, to write articles and report on Sparta’s different startups

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