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in Apple - 08 Jun, 2013
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The U.S. National Security Agency (N.S.A.)  is collecting the telephone records of  US customers of Verizon & most probably all the other mobile operators as well. This came to light when the Guardian got a copy of a top secret court order issued in April, requires Verizon on an “ongoing, daily basis” to give the […]

in Weekly - 12 Feb, 2013
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Tech News of the week   Feb 20: PS4 is to be announced by Sony (price tag: rumored to be 400$) Linkedin have now more than 200 Million member. Amazon Coins a virtual currency to be launched in May (only in U.S.), it will allow users to buy apps > our analsys: Amazon strategy would […]

in Weekly - 29 Jan, 2013
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Twitter release an instagram of video iOS app, called Vine limited to 6 sec, record only while you hold your thumb. Facebook limits access of Vine to it’s network blocking users from finding their friends, renders Vine much less useful. Yahoo 4th quarter revenue at $1.22 billion, Yahoo! exhibiting revenue growth for the first time […]

in Yahoo - 23 Jan, 2013
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The last few years, Yahoo have been one of worst managed big Tech companies, it has lost most of it’s search market share, ill-managed many of it’s properties and was basically turning in circles … till Marissa Mayer, the engineer, designer and manager that held several key positions at Google , was chosen to become […]

in Hot Topics - 14 Jan, 2013
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Technology is a tricky domain, it is not easy to know what a startup will become in a year or two, or how a specific event will change the future of a company; This is why tech blogs and tech sites tend to stuff you with news some important and some are at best a […]

in Startups - 18 Oct, 2012
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The simple image hosting website Imgur launched by Alan Schaaf in February of 2009 , allowing anyone to simply upload and get a direct link to an image, (Images on Imgur are not retained indefinitely and are deleted if not accessed once in a 6 month period) , has more than 3 million daily unique user […]

in Yahoo - 18 Sep, 2012
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From time to time some unlucky yahoo mail users would notice that they are unable to connect to their emails through the desktop emails clients, but those that get really terrified are those who login through the web portal! They are welcomed with this message: We’re experiencing some technical difficulties… We’re sorry, but Yahoo! Mail […]

in Hot Topics - 17 Sep, 2012
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Yahoo is becoming the company of the year by giving free smartphones of choice to employees and paying the mobile bills! Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer – the CEO of the year – informed all of  Yahoo’s employees in the US through email that santa is coming early, promising them a new Apple iphone5, or […]

in Google - 04 Sep, 2012
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It is said  “Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery“, and it seams Google is flattering a lot lately! Few years ago, Google Launched Google Wave, a very interesting social network, it did not work so well , so later the company launched another social network (GooglePlus) that was very similar to facebook. Google core […]

in Browsers - 01 Sep, 2012
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In the tech world, a lot of events and deals happen behind closed doors, powerful players defend their strategic projects, and no one knows what is really happening, but we can only guess, you will know what i am talking about, keep reading! have you heard of Yahoo Axis? Yahoo Axis, is described as a […]