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windows 8
in Weekly - 25 Feb, 2013
by Tech Journalist - one comment

Tech news of the week We try each week to have a roundup of the latest Tech News & Events, it is still a messy unorganized process but we are trying to make it more organized, we will publish the tech news of the week every Sunday or Monday. Software: Windows 8 upgrade will be […]

in Gadgets - 07 Jan, 2013
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Are you are used to play social board games with friends on a real table? Now, you might take it to the tech era, by using a table PC, yes you read right Table PC! not tablet PC, not smart TV, and not any ordinary tablet, it’s a 27 inch, 1080p, 1.1 inches thick, 17-pound tablet […]

in Apple - 18 Oct, 2012
by fasttech - no comments

Android lovers should be incredibly excited. It seems that invitations have gone out for an event hosted by Google in New York City on the 29th of October at 10am for an event of some description. All we know at the moment is that this event will be focused on the Android Operating System and […]

in Hot Topics - 09 Aug, 2012
by Om - no comments

With Windows 8 close to the release date, operating system giant Microsoft has tweaked and made several modification to the software. So, the Windows 8 that was available for the trial months back won’t be same as the final version. If you are hoping to evade the brand new tiled menu of the new Windows […]

in Mobile - 07 Aug, 2012
by Om - no comments

  The month of September is going to be quite happening for mobile phones specially those running on Windows. Words were out that Nokia will be revealing their Windows 8 powered smart phones in the upcoming month of September. However many critics considered it to be a rumor. The news originally spread from a Chinese site that claimed […]

in Hot Topics - 17 Jul, 2012
by Sarah - no comments

Microsoft has released the latest Office 2013 for customer preview on Windows. Set to accompany the launch of Windows 8, Office 2013 has many features that renders it friendly to touch-screen tablets and cloud technology.   A central selling point of Office 2013 is the use of cloud subscription services that extend to 20GB of […]

in Hot Topics - 03 Jun, 2012
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Microsoft has launched a complete preview of forthcoming Windows 8 operating system. Which should go on sale in the autumn, 3 years after Windows 7. Windows 8 is designed to bring Windows into the touchscreen, smartphone era, and It adopts the  interface of  Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft’s mobile operating system,). Tens of thousands of improvements […]

in Hot Topics - 18 Feb, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

The top 2011 tech news   1. Death of Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) It was late in the day on Oct. 5, and just one day after Apple had unveiled its new iPhone 4S, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs died. Jobs had battled cancer for years, taking several leaves of absence, […]