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in Weekly - 04 Mar, 2013
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Tech News for this week:   Every week, we present a quick summary of the most important events and news in the Tech industry, below you’ll find the main news for this week: Mobile: Apple update will neutralize EvasiOn Jailbreak. Sony will have Firefox OS operated mobiles next year. A second iPhone bypass code bug […]

in Weekly - 25 Feb, 2013
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Tech news of the week We try each week to have a roundup of the latest Tech News & Events, it is still a messy unorganized process but we are trying to make it more organized, we will publish the tech news of the week every Sunday or Monday. Software: Windows 8 upgrade will be […]

in Weekly - 03 Feb, 2013
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– Twitter website have been hacked and 250k account were compromised, don’t panic, twitter have sent a reset password links to all affected accounts. – Kim Dotcom offered a $13.5 k  reward to anyone that finds any security bugs on his new service Mega. – 1 Billion Euros to build a superconductor able of simulating […]

in Weekly - 17 Jan, 2013
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Facebook Launch Graph search in limited Beta, to allow a better search of the network data. Facebook Messenger App becoming a Skype competitor, allowing VoIP (now in U.S. after testing it in Canada). Microsoft Bing sidebar, offering deeper results from Facebook friends. Cyber spy operation in 69 countries uncovered, after almost 5 years of existence. […]

in Hot Topics - 11 Jan, 2013
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Java exploit creates a security threat.  Reaction: Firefox blocks Java Addons, Apple blocks Java 7 on OS X. Rumors of Apple cheap iPhone Spread > Then denied  by Phil Schiller (translated from Chinese)> Then denial withheld (rumors still true) Facebook testing charging people 1$ per message to strangers > Now testing 100$ for messages to […]