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in Social - 31 Aug, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Thunderbird 15 launched, and some new features are making this highly important and useful software even more important and useful! Whenever my computer is turned on, and connected to the internet, i always have 2 tabs active, the thunderbird tab and the firefox tab, sometimes i even close my firefox tab, but never my thunderbird […]

in Hot Topics - 17 Aug, 2012
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After several months of expectation, when things didn’t go the way twitter wanted, it had made clear about how data are to be shared with the developers. This time twitter has made a crystal clear statement that it doesn’t want any of the app that has not been programmed by twitter itself. For the older […]

in Hot Topics - 14 Aug, 2012
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Dalton Caldwell has raised around $500,000 for App.net through crowdfunding process. But most critics have mentioned that App.net is nothing but a paid version of twitter. The only difference being apart from advertisers, the users are also going to pay for the service. Also many critics have commented that the public don’t need a second […]

in Hot Topics - 26 Jul, 2012
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Twitter is looking to partner with Hollywood producers to create several original reality television series that will be broadcasted on its website and apps. One such series could debut as early as fall this year. This series will be similar to MTV reality shows such as The Real World and The Hills.   This new video […]

in Hot Topics - 25 Jul, 2012
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Wish to chart your personal journey on Twitter or simply review a funny tweet you wrote a few months ago? Twitter is working on a tool to review and export users’ history of tweets.   Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced this new move in a statement to The New York Times.   Currently, users are […]

in Social - 30 Jun, 2012
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For the last 2.5 years a Twitter/Linkedin partnership existed,allowing  Twitter users to have all tweets, or just those with the hashtag #in or #li, sync with their LinkedIn profile. Now tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn, and Twitter updates will no longer sync with the LinkedIn accounts. According to a linkedin blog post […]