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in Technology - 14 Aug, 2013
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Many still remember the tech bubble burst in 2000, but others have no idea what have happened in the early 2000’s when most tech companies stocks fell to the ground including Amazon that went from 107$ to 7$ per share, and many more went bankrupt.   Tech market more unstable than others: Every few month, […]

in Weekly - 12 Feb, 2013
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Tech News of the week   Feb 20: PS4 is to be announced by Sony (price tag: rumored to be 400$) Linkedin have now more than 200 Million member. Amazon Coins a virtual currency to be launched in May (only in U.S.), it will allow users to buy apps > our analsys: Amazon strategy would […]

in Weekly - 03 Feb, 2013
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– Twitter website have been hacked and 250k account were compromised, don’t panic, twitter have sent a reset password links to all affected accounts. – Kim Dotcom offered a $13.5 k  reward to anyone that finds any security bugs on his new service Mega. – 1 Billion Euros to build a superconductor able of simulating […]

in Weekly - 29 Jan, 2013
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Twitter release an instagram of video iOS app, called Vine limited to 6 sec, record only while you hold your thumb. Facebook limits access of Vine to it’s network blocking users from finding their friends, renders Vine much less useful. Yahoo 4th quarter revenue at $1.22 billion, Yahoo! exhibiting revenue growth for the first time […]

in Hot Topics - 08 Jan, 2013
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Recently Twitter have been proving itself to be the ultimate place for trolling, and young teens are suffering due to the information spread by the micro-blogging website. The site have the ability to censor and is applying it but in the wrong place, for example we are partially censored on twitter because of our opinions […]

in Social - 02 Jan, 2013
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This is a Guest Blog provided by Mohamed J. Every year on the second of January, the Spaniards celebrate the fall of the Andalus an Arabic Muslim caliphate that lasted more than 700 years (year: 711–1492) in what is now modern day Spain and Portugal. This year the Arab spring have resulted in an increase […]

in chat systems - 15 Dec, 2012
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We previously wrote  about Microsoft plan to replace windows live messenger by skype, it seams these plans have entered in action, Microsoft messenger users are now welcomed by a popup window asking them to upgrade from windows live messenger to skype. The use of the term upgrade, give the impression that skype is superior to […]

in Social - 10 Dec, 2012
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Facebook is down again, and internet users go to twitter to verify if they are experiencing this alone, or it’s a general downtime for the site. so probably this is the last time we will write about facebook going offline, you can verify twitter when you are in doubt: https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=facebook&src=rela

in Social - 06 Dec, 2012
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There could be only one! That’s the mentality of social networks, a social network is by definition supposed to connect people and due to the fact that often people travel, change their living place or even migrate,  a real social  network can not exist on a local scale not even on a national scale. Facebook […]

in Mobile - 03 Nov, 2012
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Twitter is planning to introduce photo filters for mobile applications for photos to allow users to bypass instagram while sharing pictures on twitter,  Instagram a popular mobile photo-sharing website/Application was acquired by Facebook for approximately 1 billion $. Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that let its users share text-based messages of […]