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in Social - 13 Apr, 2014
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To start there’s a distinction between Facebook advertising & Facebook marketing! Facebook advertising is simply displaying ads on the social network, it’s exactly like displaying ads anywhere else, with the exception, it’s a bit more targeted. Facebook marketing is a bit different, it’s kind of a discussion, it’s a category of marketing where you interact […]

in Google - 06 Feb, 2013
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Microsoft strategies  VS. Google strategies   Some would argue that the last few years Microsoft was sleeping while Google was building an Empire, while the search giant was building or buying very important services, Microsoft was standing still. In reality the software giant have an entirely different approach, instead of buying startups with big potential […]

in Social - 25 Dec, 2012
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The professional social network have been experiencing several problems today, at one point it is displaying a maintenance screen, later showing Http/1.1 Service Unavailable, when clicking on certain links, below image showing Linkedin landing page: Sit tight , We’re taking a moment to clean things up.

in Mobile - 03 Nov, 2012
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Twitter is planning to introduce photo filters for mobile applications for photos to allow users to bypass instagram while sharing pictures on twitter,  Instagram a popular mobile photo-sharing website/Application was acquired by Facebook for approximately 1 billion $. Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that let its users share text-based messages of […]

in Social - 22 Sep, 2012
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Facebook have a “real name” policy that entered in implementation recently, this policy requires everyone on the site to use his or her real name, in the beginning it was thought, that this was a move to stop spammers and cyber bullies etc, which is a very positive idea, but a recent event lead many […]

in Hot Topics - 14 Aug, 2012
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Dalton Caldwell has raised around $500,000 for App.net through crowdfunding process. But most critics have mentioned that App.net is nothing but a paid version of twitter. The only difference being apart from advertisers, the users are also going to pay for the service. Also many critics have commented that the public don’t need a second […]