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in Weekly - 12 Feb, 2013
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Tech News of the week   Feb 20: PS4 is to be announced by Sony (price tag: rumored to be 400$) Linkedin have now more than 200 Million member. Amazon Coins a virtual currency to be launched in May (only in U.S.), it will allow users to buy apps > our analsys: Amazon strategy would […]

in Europe Technology News - 18 Oct, 2012
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There was a certain debate whether the  Google Now was better than Siri or not, both automated virtual assistants embedded in the smartphones whether it is iPhone or android based, to be honest both lacked a major element… that is the human intelligence. It is no surprise that we are still far from the levels […]

in Gadgets - 21 Sep, 2012
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We used to watch movies categorized as Science fiction, but a wave of technological advances and futuristic product conceptions is changing the Science fiction to science fact. It all started with the smart phones that are getting smarter and smarter, to a level that now users are able to ask the phones simple queries and […]

in Hot Topics - 21 Jul, 2012
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Android has launched app Friday, a “search engine for your life,” as TechCrunch reports.   Developed by startup Dexetra, Friday is an application that runs in the background of Android devices. It takes stock of everything that occurs on the phone, and in your life.   Getting access to your phone and app records, Friday […]

in Gadgets - 11 Jul, 2012
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Some writers, have started declaring the death of Web2.0 and the birth of web 3.0; These declarations are far from the truth, because even if we are making baby steps towards the web 3.0 structure we are still very far from being there! To understand how would the Web 3.0 be, we should start by […]

in Mobile - 03 Jul, 2012
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Google have learned from their experience with social network that they should never wait too long before competing directly with other companies, the main reason why Google plus is having much difficulties getting users, is because Google waited too long before launching a Facebook like social network. Thanks to Google huge team of talented engineers, […]

in Gadgets - 12 Jun, 2012
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Siri is getting its own button (not a logo-branded button) on several car brands including BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota and Honda cars, right on the steering wheel. When you press a switch on your steering wheel, Siri will be activated on your iphone (via Bluetooth) and assist you on the road. […]