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in Hot Topics - 14 Jan, 2013
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Technology is a tricky domain, it is not easy to know what a startup will become in a year or two, or how a specific event will change the future of a company; This is why tech blogs and tech sites tend to stuff you with news some important and some are at best a […]

in Hot Topics - 11 Aug, 2012
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The concept of a search engine is to facilitate finding information, and let’s be clear the success of Google search and Youtube (Google owned video platform) relied heavily on allowing users to easily find what they needed easily, and most of what they were looking for are copyrighted material, like video clips, movies, cartoons, music, […]

in GAMES - 14 Jun, 2012
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  Last year Google & The New York Times launched a trivia game called A Google A Day. The daily puzzle site  let players find the answer via cunning use of search to different trivia questions. One month ago, Google launched an application of the game on Google+ Games . According to Google: Trivia with a […]

in Hot Topics - 30 May, 2012
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It seams google is rolling out a new feature in it’s search result page, now when you search for a specific book, actor, hotel or anything that can be considered a common search (related to public figures, actors, movies, etc…), you will get extra data that you can read directly on the right section of […]

in Hot Topics - 26 May, 2012
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Some voices have been rising, accusing google of becoming bad in search results, it’s true the golden era of free search engine is over and that now, you only get to see the results that corporates, financial or governmental institutions want you to see, but still this does not make the mighty google any less […]

in Hot Topics - 24 Feb, 2012
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                With over 500,000 apps, the App Store is very crowded and app discovery is difficult, this is why Apple has bought the app search and discovery platform Chomp. Chomp had raised over $2.5 million over two rounds of funding.they’ve grown their to include not only iPhone apps, […]