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in Mobile - 15 Sep, 2012
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The first shipment of iPhone5, which arrives to customers September 21st, has been sold out across all major US mobile carriers including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon and even on Apple’s own website!  Apple spokeswoman, Natalie Kerris said in a statement “Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” ,  “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer […]

in Hot Topics - 05 Sep, 2012
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The main website for AlJazeera channel is still offline after being hacked yesterday by Pro Syrian regime hackers, Internet Hackers defaced the website yesterday by replacing it with a landing page, claiming that the hack was the response, of Aljazeera bias towards the syrian rebells, Full article can be found : Aljazeera Hacked  

in Mobile - 03 Sep, 2012
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The Chinese search giant Baidu, the leader in China’s search market (holding around 80 percent of the domestic search market), has stepped into mobile running Android (Google’s mobile OS) with a new browser (Baidu Explorer). The browser features  HTML5 and Javascript engine that the company says is fast enough to compete on the international stage […]

in Mobile - 02 Sep, 2012
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An Android like OS for tablets and smartphones have been developed in a military research facility but privately funded, and  has been in the works for five years in sensitive institutions like  ministries and firms such as the state energy  Gazprom . “The operating system has all the functional capabilities of an Android operating system […]

in Websites - 02 Sep, 2012
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Pirate Bay founder  has been arrested in the Cambodian capital . The 27-year-old Gottfrid Svartholm has been in poor health ever since The Pirate Bay appeal in 2010,thus failed to attend the hearings due to being too sick to leave hospital in Cambodia then failed to appear at a subsequent hearing. This prompted the Court […]

in Hot Topics - 02 Sep, 2012
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Microsoft notified users of its services ( Hotmail, MSN and Office.com) about changes to the Microsoft Services Agreement. the 2 main point of these updated TOS are: 1- Microsoft can now share your content between it’s online services (in previous TOS it was: “solely to the extent necessary to provide the service”) Microsoft has now […]

in Google - 02 Sep, 2012
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Google TV ads sales project terminated after 5 years, Google decided to sell TV ads using auctions and algorithms in 2007, but it was hard for Google to find enough inventory to make an automated system viable. Google VP Shirshir Mehrotra  anounced in a blog post , that the company is throwing in the towel […]