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in smartphone apps - 07 Mar, 2015
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Brain Training Apps: How useful are they? I have been working monotonously since a last couple of months, thought I needed a change and how can I still stay more focused and sharp as I used to stay during my student life. The search of solution ended after visiting and registering on some of the […]

in Apple - 26 Oct, 2014
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When technology solve problems it creates wealth, but when tech tries to disrupt industries it creates enemies! 20 years ago, when Amazon launched it entered in direct competition with big bookstores, but at the time, internet was far less present in our daily lives, thus Amazon was not seen as a real threat to the […]

in Google - 06 Feb, 2013
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Microsoft strategies  VS. Google strategies   Some would argue that the last few years Microsoft was sleeping while Google was building an Empire, while the search giant was building or buying very important services, Microsoft was standing still. In reality the software giant have an entirely different approach, instead of buying startups with big potential […]

in Apple - 09 Jan, 2013
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Update 2: Reuters withdrew the story about Phil Schiller comments: so the rumors still stand. Update: Apple SVP of Worldwide marketing Phil Schiller denied Any plans to produce cheap iphones. “Despite the popularity of cheap smartphones, this will never be the future of Apple’s products.” our Article will be left intact below, the stat and […]

in Social - 06 Nov, 2012
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In April 2012 Facebook bought Instagram  for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram is a free social photo-sharing program that was launched in October 2010. Some have wondered, why would facebook be interested in acquiring this startup (it’s largest acquisition), the answer might be clearer now! Facebook gained popularity in comparison to other social […]

in Mobile - 27 Sep, 2012
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iPhone 5  mobile phones in Gold case has been produced, the 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5 will be on sale for approximately 5000$ each in Dubai Mall. the UK Gold&Co company have launched a Golden version of the famous iPhone 5, this version will cost 7-8 times more! It will be sold for 4628$ for the […]

in Google - 15 Sep, 2012
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Recently several big tech companies have expressed interest in launching their own mobile operating systems, mostly based on open source code and Android.  Alibaba china major eCommerce site have even taken steps further in actually launching it’s own OS ” Aliyun“. All was good, till a major handset maker (Acer) agreed with Alibaba to launch a […]

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Viber Media the VoIP company founded by American-Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco, that provide an application named Viber  for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS,and Windows Phone  letting users make free phone calls and send free text messages to any other viber user (works on 3G/4G and WiFi networks), is going after the other Nokia phones – and Samsung. […]

in Mobile - 22 Aug, 2012
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In France, McDonald does not have a good reputation, many regard it as the opposite of healthy food, but still Mc Do as the french call it, is experimenting with payment methods, in Paris of all places! According to a Reuters report, now at 30 McDonald restaurant in France you are able to order the […]

in GAMES - 27 Jun, 2012
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Zynga is a social network game ,that develop browser-based games that work both stand-alone on mobile phones and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Google+ and Myspace. More than 290 million people play the Zynga’s games each month, including over 250 million monthly active Facebook users. Five of Zynga’s games, […]