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in Mobile - 27 Sep, 2012
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here’s a nice review from ifixit team: The iphone got taller to fit the Retina Display, The display is very easy to swap (5 to 10 minutes to display) the rear case of the iPhone5 is the reason of the lighter phone, entire rear case almost same weight as the rear glass of iphone4S. so […]

in Mobile - 24 Sep, 2012
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The first Apple iPhone5 TV ads have been broadcasted, The first one, concerning the new design, basically convincing people that iPhone5 is smaller than iPhone4 and iPhone4s, by smaller maybe they meant thinner, but definetly not smaller because actually is is taller and thus can even be considered bigger, but there’s a saying by Joseph Goebbels […]

in Mobile - 03 Jul, 2012
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Google have learned from their experience with social network that they should never wait too long before competing directly with other companies, the main reason why Google plus is having much difficulties getting users, is because Google waited too long before launching a Facebook like social network. Thanks to Google huge team of talented engineers, […]

in Hot Topics - 18 Feb, 2012
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The top 2011 tech news   1. Death of Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) It was late in the day on Oct. 5, and just one day after Apple had unveiled its new iPhone 4S, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs died. Jobs had battled cancer for years, taking several leaves of absence, […]