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in Apple - 15 Dec, 2012
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This is a guest post by the team of  OnlineMBA.com   When first released in 2012, the latest iPad sold at a rate of 694 iPads per minute during the first 72 hours. Apple has built a devoted following willing to wait in the rain for new iPhones and iPads because of their exceptional product […]

in Mobile - 22 Sep, 2012
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A patent newly published by the USPTO and filed by Apple in June under the name: HARNESSING POWER THROUGH ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION UTILIZING PRINTED COILS Abstract Systems for harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils are provided. A system can include one or more moveable magnets adjacent to printed coils on a circuit. For example, […]

in Gadgets - 19 Aug, 2012
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Double Robotics, the California based company has finally achieved success in converting Apple iPad into a telepresence robot. The vision that one is sitting in an office and an iPad comes rolling to convey some message. On the screen the iPad will be displaying the image of a co-worker present somewhere else. After having some […]

in Hot Topics - 24 Jul, 2012
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In the recent patent trials between Apple and Samsung, Apple is pursuing more than $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung. The patent infringement trial is set to open on July 30 in San Jose, California. The court will deal with the claims of Samsung stealing Apple’s design and infringement of patents. Apple has accused Samsung […]

in Gadgets - 16 Jul, 2012
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With our generation’s craving to control devices at our fingertips, the market for tablets is an ever-growing one. The competition between Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft heats up with the introduction of different sizes and versions of their respective products.   The latest news in the tablet pipeline involves Apple, which takes up 60 to […]