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in Hot Topics - 24 Jul, 2012
by Sarah - 3 comments

Video sharing site YouTube is notorious for its uncivil and often abusive comments section, which is a dreadful mix of lengthy arguments, offensive jokes, and purposeful trolling. It seems that YouTube is attempting a solution to this renowned problem by pushing their commenters to use their real full names.   When you try commenting or […]

in Hot Topics - 17 Jul, 2012
by Sarah - no comments

Want to have an enriching summer experience without the accompanying mosquito bites? Google, in cooperation with MAKE Magazine, has a solution. Adding to the wide range of products from tablets to glasses, Google is pioneering a digital summer camp – Maker Camp.   Held on social media platform Google+, this camp highlights “the art of […]

in Social - 30 Jun, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

In what seams to be an attempt to wake up this huge sleeping giant called Google plus, and in it’s continuous effort to regroup all it’s services around the Google account that is morphing to Google profile or your Google plus profile, Google is giving now the YouTube users the possibility to switch their YouTube […]

in GAMES - 14 Jun, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

  Last year Google & The New York Times launched a trivia game called A Google A Day. The daily puzzle site  let players find the answer via cunning use of search to different trivia questions. One month ago, Google launched an application of the game on Google+ Games . According to Google: Trivia with a […]

in Hot Topics - 31 May, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Google shared some news yesterday, that it is launching Google+ Local, and sun-setting Google Places, its older, less social version of local listings and local search. The 2 main new features are: first, your Google+ contacts contributions, recommendations and opinions on a specific places will now show up when you search for this place. second, […]

in Hot Topics - 25 May, 2012
by Daren - no comments

  Google recently updated the Google+ iOS app with a complete visual overhaul and now it is also brought to Android as well.  Version 2.6 of Google+ for Android lets you start a Hangout from your phone; you could also join a Hangout in progress, but you couldn’t actually start one unless you use the […]

in Hot Topics - 11 May, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Today a bug or a human error, caused a change in the language to many Google services users. Gmail, Google Plus and many other services simply changed to Russian ! When i first noticed it, i started writing a post about it, but then i started having doubts, and started to think that in fact […]

in Hot Topics - 18 Feb, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

The top 2011 tech news   1. Death of Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) It was late in the day on Oct. 5, and just one day after Apple had unveiled its new iPhone 4S, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs died. Jobs had battled cancer for years, taking several leaves of absence, […]