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in Hot Topics - 25 Jul, 2012
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In a press release today, Apple has announced that it will release OS X Mountain Lion tomorrow morning, Pacific Daylight Time.   This announcement came together with the reports of Apple’s quarterly earnings. Mountain Lion will be available in the Mac App Store at the price of $19.99, $10 cheaper than its predecessor OS X […]

in Hot Topics - 21 Jul, 2012
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Last week, we reported a hack on Apple devices from iOS 3.0 to 6.0 by Russian developer Alexey V. Borodin. This hacking method allowed users to easily obtain in-app content for free by using a proxy called in-appstore.com. Just as Apple has announced a temporary solution for developers, Borodin launched a new hacking method on […]

in Hot Topics - 14 Jul, 2012
by Sarah - one comment

A Russian developer has discovered a method to circumvent Apple’s in-app purchasing process using an in-app proxy. Such online content can be stolen without the need for a jailbreak, and can be accomplished easily with any iOS device. This method for obtaining free iOS apps was first published by hacker Alexey V. Borodin, who created […]

in Hot Topics - 13 Jul, 2012
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As Apple promised earlier in July, it has launched a new Food and Drink category in its App Store. This category contains nearly 3000 apps that help users find new restaurants and bars, manage cooking and baking, organise recipes, and share food experiences with their friends. However, this collection excludes “diet, grocery shopping, coupon-clipping, or […]

in Hot Topics - 24 Feb, 2012
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                With over 500,000 apps, the App Store is very crowded and app discovery is difficult, this is why Apple has bought the app search and discovery platform Chomp. Chomp had raised over $2.5 million over two rounds of funding.they’ve grown their to include not only iPhone apps, […]