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in Uncategorized - 18 Jan, 2018
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This is a sponsored post. Creating a strategy is crucial for internet marketing. Communicating with your audience is a must in leading a successful marketing campaign. Reaching your clients via emails is usual. Sending web pushes is fast. But what is most convenient for the user? SMSing, obviously, because mobile internet usage is definitely taking […]

in Uncategorized - 18 Oct, 2014
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30 years ago, parents used to have to limit play time their kids had with other kids, in favor of more educational activities, having kids playing in the garden or playground or even in the neighborhood was the normality. In the  80’s and 90’s, video games expansion and adoption was super fast, Atari, Sega, Nintendo […]

in Uncategorized - 25 Jul, 2014
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In 2 months this site will be 3 years old, what started as a blog to vent frustration against the bias, lies and BS of tech bloggers and news sites … have become a tech news destination! During these 2+ years we evolved and we listened to our readers, and from what we learned we […]

in Hot Topics - 07 Aug, 2012
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iMore has gained an insight that the handheld device producing mega brand Apple is planning to update their line-up of devices to support the new Dock connector. These miniature dock connector change is to be done before the mid of September this year. It is mainly because they intend to do so before the release […]

in Uncategorized - 31 May, 2012
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Urban Pacman, a project done by Ahmad Makary, senior design student at AUST, is the outcome of a long design process that fully explored patterns in urban navigation. After a long thorough study of the effects of spatial elements on travel behavior and cognitive processing among locals living in Beirut, Lebanon, “the Hamra challenge” came […]

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Welcome to techfact. This is our first post on this site.