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in Google - 02 Feb, 2013
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When something is obviously staged or fake, and you intentionally spread it without saying it is, then sorry but you do not deserve to be considered a news outlet ( yes it’s about you Gizmodo, beatbeta and dailydot). Google street view supposedly captured a naked couple in a french village! Inside a shop! Who staged […]

in Google - 14 Dec, 2012
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    Google with no doubts is the grand master of customization, the search engine puts great effort in customizing it’s search page with doodles and other graphics to reflect the events and to put a local touch to it’s search portal.   Indeed Google celebrates most of the major holidays in each specific country, […]

in Google - 13 Dec, 2012
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The search giant have been enjoying continuous positive views and energy in the last decade, the webmasters loved it, the geeks loved it, the users loved it, there company growth was boosted by the warm and fuzzy feelings the public had about it. Lately it seams that the public started having a less fuzzy feeling […]

in Google - 08 Dec, 2012
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Google took the decision to stop offering the Free version of Google Apps for Business (Google’s suite of web-based  services — which includes Gmail webmail and Drive for cloud storage and collaborative documents.) ,the announcement was done on the Google blog:   Individuals wishing to use Google’s web apps like Gmail and Google Drive should […]

in Google - 10 Nov, 2012
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It is no secret that there’s some kind of hostility between Google the number 1 search engine in the world and China the most populous country and with the strongest censoring system “the great firewall of China”. These problems have been escalating recently, especially with Google shutting down it’s operations in mainland China, moving to […]

in Google - 20 Oct, 2012
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We have recently reported about the French tax that is to be implemented on news aggregating, and the threats of de indexing sent by Google, but it seams there’s a much wider movement, Not only France, Germany are taking measures to protect the local press, but it seams some other countries  have the same target, […]

in Google - 18 Oct, 2012
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In a mail addressed to the french government, Google threatened to no longer reference French news websites, if a law that require news aggregators to pay a tax for use of copyrighted materials, is passed and adopted. In it’s section Google news, Google plays the role of a Mega news outlet, without having to cover […]

in Apple - 18 Oct, 2012
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Android lovers should be incredibly excited. It seems that invitations have gone out for an event hosted by Google in New York City on the 29th of October at 10am for an event of some description. All we know at the moment is that this event will be focused on the Android Operating System and […]

in Google - 06 Oct, 2012
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Let’s be honest for a minute, everybody loves free stuff, when you can watch a movie without buying the DVD, listening to a song without buying the album, or reading a book without buying the ebook or paperbook, you will not say no i prefer to pay! When Torrent websites, pirated CD-DVDs producers and websites […]

in Google - 21 Sep, 2012
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Google decided to shutdown it’s music search services that allowed Chinese internet users to download Chinese and international songs for free, the reason believe it or not, is not fear of copyright violations but because the service has not been doing as well as the international search and web giant wanted it to. According to […]