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in Apple - 08 Jun, 2013
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The U.S. National Security Agency (N.S.A.)  is collecting the telephone records of  US customers of Verizon & most probably all the other mobile operators as well. This came to light when the Guardian got a copy of a top secret court order issued in April, requires Verizon on an “ongoing, daily basis” to give the […]

in Facebook - 30 Mar, 2013
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A couple of months ago, Mark Zuckerberg donated $500 million in stocks to a nonprofit Silicon Valley Community Foundation.   Then we discover that for 2012, Mark have to pay $1.1 billion, minus the sum donated to the charity! So was the charity donation motivated by good will or was it a way to be […]

in Facebook - 16 Jan, 2013
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The smart search engine. Today Facebook announced the launch of a new smart discovery engine, you will not be able to test it yet because it is in limited beta. Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that for now, Graph Search ( the name of the discovery search engine) will focus on only 4 areas: people, photos, places […]

in Facebook - 22 Dec, 2012
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Are you one of those married men that flirt on Facebook, or those who flirt with girls you know even when you’re in a relationship? We have good news for you, Facebook created a new poke app, this app allows users to send text, image or video message, but this message will self destruct after […]

in Facebook - 21 Dec, 2012
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    Facebook have made a huge improvement in the privacy settings and the user experience in relation with the user interface, empowering the users to easily set who can view what, who can contact them and who they want to be invisible to.             The new setting show 3 […]