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in Technology - 06 Jun, 2017
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For the last few years, there have been a huge effort to push women into becoming coders. Every rock was turned to find out why women do not get the same opportunities in tech as men do. Gender and diversity data have became a tradition, or maybe a requirement in Silicon Valley. Gender equality have […]

in Technology - 16 May, 2015
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Strong Artificial Intelligence Fear   Strong AI is a term used to describe a certain mindset of artificial intelligence development. Strong AI’s goal is to develop artificial intelligence to the point where the machine’s intellectual capability is functionally equal to a human’s   For many, a strong Artificial Intelligence is an eventuality, for others it […]

in Technology - 24 Mar, 2014
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It’s true that we were always skeptical about bitcoin, and who wouldn’t be? A virtual currency that was gaining momentum, without being backed by neither a government nor any commodity. But, while we were skeptical, all the major tech and news site were talking about it, in a way that made the reader put his […]

in Technology - 05 Oct, 2013
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When we hear the word start-ups, immediately we think of Silicon Valley, the place where the start-up culture was born, the geographical region with the most tech startups and tech talents. And thus when analyzing the reasons for start-ups failures, we should also analyze the Silicon valley role in these failures. And there’s way more […]

in Technology - 14 Sep, 2013
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A lot is being said about the virtual currency lately, even-though technology companies are growing fast and people are becoming more tech savy, but still there’s a thousand reason why bitcoin won’t happen! 1st, and obviously the most important, currencies are always backed by something, silver, gold for most currencies or military power in the […]

in Technology - 14 Aug, 2013
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Many still remember the tech bubble burst in 2000, but others have no idea what have happened in the early 2000’s when most tech companies stocks fell to the ground including Amazon that went from 107$ to 7$ per share, and many more went bankrupt.   Tech market more unstable than others: Every few month, […]

in Technology - 01 Aug, 2013
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On tech sites, it’s always difficult to distinguish the news part from the writer’s opinion part, most tech sites label themselves as blogs because it’s easier not to take responsibility for the way they present the news, but the way people view these sites is contrary to what they present themselves as, people view them […]

in Gadgets - 15 Dec, 2012
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Do you think Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is Science Fiction? The fabric that could make a person completely disappear is becoming a Tech Fact. And the U.S. military might start using something like it to camouflage troops very soon. This isn’t make-believe. The cloak works by bending the light around an object, even concealing most […]

in Gadgets - 21 Sep, 2012
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We used to watch movies categorized as Science fiction, but a wave of technological advances and futuristic product conceptions is changing the Science fiction to science fact. It all started with the smart phones that are getting smarter and smarter, to a level that now users are able to ask the phones simple queries and […]

in Browsers - 01 Sep, 2012
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In the tech world, a lot of events and deals happen behind closed doors, powerful players defend their strategic projects, and no one knows what is really happening, but we can only guess, you will know what i am talking about, keep reading! have you heard of Yahoo Axis? Yahoo Axis, is described as a […]