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in Hot Topics - 20 Aug, 2012
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Crowd funding is one of the most popular ways to raise funds for a project. And sites like Indiegogo Inc. and Kickstarter are the newest player in this category. They have been able to get high success in a short period of time. There are provisions in those sites to offer rewards to those who […]

in Hot Topics - 18 Aug, 2012
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McDonald’s is currently conducting a test on receiving payments through PayPal mobile payment system. The research is currently going on in France. As much as 30 restaurants have been added in the project to see how things work. This method of PayPal mobile payment was earlier displayed by McDonald’s at its franchisee conference in Orlando, […]

in Funding - 13 Jul, 2012
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After weeks of murmurs, Microsoft finally announced their latest incubator programme Bing Fund on July 12.   The Bing Fund will provide $50,000 – $100,000 to finance early startups that create “online or mobile experiences that incorporate fresh insights,” Microsoft announced. This angel investment will be in the form of convertible notes, loans that convert to […]

in Startups - 10 Jun, 2012
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Ubifrance a French agency for export promotion  and helping French companies in their international development. Ubifrance is organizing a yearly 1 week tour  called “The French Tech Tour” , to showcase the best of French innovation in Silicon Valley. The sixth edition of the French Tech Tour took place from June 2 to 8, 2012. […]

in Funding - 29 Feb, 2012
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Business valuation is more art than science. The true value teased out through a process of rigorous due diligence. these are guides to be used to initiate discussions only,   You’re not really worth anything until you’re profitable – If you’re not profitable, your business probably isn’t worth very much. This makes valuation particularly challenging […]

in Startups - 15 Feb, 2012
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