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in Startups - 30 Sep, 2014
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Start-ups, unlike standard businesses often have to grow fast and try to conquer the market before any other competitor does it! In their pursuit of market conquest, these mostly high tech businesses often forget the basic rules for running a company and growing, they forget that they should focus on revenue, instead they try to […]

in Startups - 08 Aug, 2014
by Siddharth Muzumdar - no comments

Entrepreneurship in India is probably the next big thing. There is countless evidence to support the notion that people are beginning to get fed up of their monotonous jobs and are looking for their own ventures to carve a career out of. The number of start-ups has exploded in the last decade and it is not […]

in Startups - 19 Dec, 2013
by Tech Journalist - no comments

If you are trying to get some media coverage for your startup … we have some good news! We have decided to cover all the startups (that pitch us ) looking to get some media attention, please read below to understand the logic behind our decision, and what is required from you. 1st, Why cover […]

in Social - 15 Mar, 2013
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2 weeks ago i got my account blocked on Quora, so i decided to write something mean about them, you know, like what TC writers do, but then i said to myself i’m better than that … >> Quora is a website founded in 2009 by by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo (owns 0.8% […]

in Startups - 31 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

It might be a question too easy to answer at first sight, but when all factors taken in consideration, the answer might be not simple as originally thought!   As a European tech blog (covering European and world startups), we have often came across European start-ups that decide to move to the S.V., many local […]

in Facebook - 22 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - one comment

Are you one of those married men that flirt on Facebook, or those who flirt with girls you know even when you’re in a relationship? We have good news for you, Facebook created a new poke app, this app allows users to send text, image or video message, but this message will self destruct after […]

in Startups - 04 Dec, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Lyncos Technologies SL , spanish startup is trying to create the Skynet, Lyncos is creating the social network of things in the cloud : http://lhings.com/ What is Lhings? Lhings is a cloud platform designed to provide access to your things and let you manage, share and interact with them anywhere, when you like. Lhings allows […]

in Europe Technology News - 18 Oct, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

There was a certain debate whether the  Google Now was better than Siri or not, both automated virtual assistants embedded in the smartphones whether it is iPhone or android based, to be honest both lacked a major element… that is the human intelligence. It is no surprise that we are still far from the levels […]

in Startups - 18 Oct, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

The simple image hosting website Imgur launched by Alan Schaaf in February of 2009 , allowing anyone to simply upload and get a direct link to an image, (Images on Imgur are not retained indefinitely and are deleted if not accessed once in a 6 month period) , has more than 3 million daily unique user […]

in Europe Technology News - 23 Sep, 2012
by Tech Journalist - no comments

Storyginal , former Mamystory is the winner of the Mars – 2011 Startup weekend that took place in Nice-Sophia Antipolis – French Riviera – France, the idea behind this start-up is quite original, it allows several people (usually the family) to write a collaborative story (usually a a book or booklet) about another person(usually an […]