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in GAMES - 05 Oct, 2012
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The famous World of Warctraft game also known as wow, have invited itself to the political arena, as state senate candidate is criticized for her use of race and characters in the game! A state senate seat in Maine, is being contested by Ms Lachowicz and incumbent Republican Tom Martin. As part of the republican […]

in GAMES - 18 Aug, 2012
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Earlier we have reported that OnLive’s assets have been sold to a new company backed by substantial funding. Also we have reported that the new company is offering job position for the employers of OnLive as well. But the buyer turned out to be an individual instead of company. Whether it is a rumour or a true […]

in GAMES - 17 Aug, 2012
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Zynga has invested in the state as well as federal lobbying efforts to offer gambling with real cash instead of virtual ones. Zynga based in San Fransisco is popular for its Zynga Poker game, especially in Facebook. This poker game currently provides virtual cash which can be won from one another but without the ability […]

in GAMES - 10 Aug, 2012
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Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of  Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, announced  that they were hacked. The company says not  enough information were taken to allow someone to access a Battle.net account (the platform for its games, including World of Warcraft (wow), Starcraft II and Diablo III). They don’t think  financial information has been compromised, but other data […]

in GAMES - 09 Jul, 2012
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A question that many are asking, is SecondLife Dead or Not? Should it be shutdown or should it be developed more to reach a wider audience? For those not familiar with the game, Second Life is an internet based 3D virtual world. It was launched in 2003 by Linden Lab. Second Life users, called Residents […]

in GAMES - 27 Jun, 2012
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Zynga is a social network game ,that develop browser-based games that work both stand-alone on mobile phones and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Google+ and Myspace. More than 290 million people play the Zynga’s games each month, including over 250 million monthly active Facebook users. Five of Zynga’s games, […]

in GAMES - 14 Jun, 2012
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  Last year Google & The New York Times launched a trivia game called A Google A Day. The daily puzzle site  let players find the answer via cunning use of search to different trivia questions. One month ago, Google launched an application of the game on Google+ Games . According to Google: Trivia with a […]

in GAMES - 15 Feb, 2012
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