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in Uncategorized - 18 Jan, 2018
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SendPulse: the platform for SMS and Text Messaging Marketing

This is a sponsored post.

Creating a strategy is crucial for internet marketing. Communicating with your audience is a must in leading a successful marketing campaign.

Reaching your clients via emails is usual. Sending web pushes is fast. But what is most convenient for the user? SMSing, obviously, because mobile internet usage is definitely taking over today. Nothing seems easier than sending an SMS and more natural than reading it.

Why SMS-ing works:

  • it’s fast. Users tend to check up their phones almost instantly.

  • high open rates. While email spamming is a usual thing, spam filters don’t block SMS.

  • it’s mobile. Customers are more likely to read a short message with an offer other than checking out a long e-mail.

Surely, using SMS together with bulk emails and web push notifications will move your business to a new level. It’s important to choose a platform which will help you with that.

If you’re just starting out, SendPulse is a perfect choice to engage with your audience. Once you’re pleased with the results, you’re here to stay. It’s easy to use and the opportunities it creates for your business are huge.

The company combines reasonable pricing policy and is constantly developing its functionality. For example, its free Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology identifies the best time for email campaigns and improves open rates.

No wonder SendPulse was selected as one of the most successful startups of 2016 by The Next Web.

Unlike Mailchimp, SendPulse has everything you need to start sending SMS. You can try this service for free before you pay. You can send text messages almost all over the world at minimum prices. In case of a massive SMS campaign, you will even get a discount.

How to start an SMS campaign with SendPulse:

1. Log in or register. It’s free.

2. After depositing your account, create a new mailing list and add the numbers in the international format. You can either import a list of contacts or insert it manually.

3. Fill in all fields and create the actual message.

4. Choose the time of sending. It’s a perfect option when your audience is in another time zone or so.

5. Before sending your campaign, remember to preview the message.

Due to the user-friendly interface, creating an SMS campaign is as easy as it seems.

Beautiful, now you can send SMS to your audience.

You can always check the deliverability of your text messages by clicking “My campaigns”. You will see whether your messages were or were not delivered.

Luckily, creating SMS campaigns is not the only option to use text messages in your internet marketing routine.

With SendPulse it’s possible to automate your emails for your subscribers. This saves your time and helps to establish a friendly environment with your audience.

While creating a new automation, click “Activate SMS”. Those of your clients, who specified their phone numbers, will get a text message together with an email.

SendPulse makes sending text messages effortless and affordable. It’s the best choice if you’re just digging into internet marketing as functionality and comfort is company’s priority. Try SendPulse now!