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in Technology - 06 Jun, 2017
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Girls do not Like coding & Gamergate bias.

For the last few years, there have been a huge effort to push women into becoming coders.
Every rock was turned to find out why women do not get the same opportunities in tech as men do.
Gender and diversity data have became a tradition, or maybe a requirement in Silicon Valley.
Gender equality have been pushed ferociously into the agendas of every big and medium tech company.

The result of that, was creating a sense of discrimination against the average male programmer. As media and press started giving more attention to female programmers, hailing every small success as a huge achievement powered by the progesterone solidarity portraying it as a progress and equality. Male programmers angered by the fact that they need to work 10x more to get a fraction of the recognition this new era have dedicated to women, lashed out online creating a Gamergate classification.

But the results are out, even though this has been obvious since the beginning, but now the results present irrefutable proofs. Girls, generally, do not like coding, a minority does, but the majority prefer to take photos on instagram instead of practicing day and night … That is the reality of things, you can try to ignore it, but that’s the truth.

How do i know ? Let me ask you, what do you do on your free time?
Obviously you would answer, thing you like … Am i wrong ?

The Revelation:

GitHub, the number 1 repository of open-source code, surveyed 5,500 open source users and developers worldwide. Of that randomly selected userbase, 95 percent of respondents were male. Only three percent were females and one percent identified as non-binary.

But according  to Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 22.6 percent of professional computer programmers are females.

What does that mean?
77% of programmers are males >> They represent 95% of those that program on their free time.
23% of programmers are females >> They represent 3% of those that program on their free time.

Thus it is obvious, that most female programmers are not that into programming, or in other words, it’s a job not a passion.

There are absolutely nothing wrong with that, but what is wrong is employing double standards to advance an agenda.


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