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in Google - 04 May, 2015
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The Evil Hooli is Google! Understand Google’s Motto

Google’s famous motto : “Don’t be evil”,

is misunderstood!


In their book “How Google Works“, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, and Jonathan Rosenberg, an adviser to Larry Page,wrote:

 “Don’t be evil” is mainly another way to empower employees… Googlers do regularly check their moral compass when making decisions.

 citing the example of an engineer who, in a meeting in 2001, objected to a proposed change in the way Google’s advertising system works by banging his fist on the table, yelling, “We can’t do that, it would be evil.”

But, why in the world would anyone put a motto of what not to be, when there’s no danger of being so!
Let me make it simple to you, would you put a note on your fridge with the words “no ice-cream”, if you didn’t have an ice-cream  problem?
Would you put a reminder of “no napping” if you didn’t have a napping problem?

That is exactly the issue with the Google Motto, the motto is not a marketing ploy, it’s a simple reminder, that kind of stuck!
If a company have a reminder of not to be evil, means that the founders or some of the top management in this company are sadistic evil people.

The TV show “Silicon Valley” have been portraying this correctly, Hooli is portrayed as a company run by a manipulative, lying, evil guy. Hooli, tries to steal ideas, reverse engineer competitor products, force acquire startups.
It even have a moonshot unit like GoogleX, called HooliXYZ.
Those keeping a close eye on Google projects, know how Google try to compete with every service launched, and how they mirror feature by feature any start-up that they consider interesting, then try to acquire it.

Some would argue, all big tech companies do that, that’s not true, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Amazon etc… don’t do that, when they want a startup they acquire it directly, they don’t try to kill it and eventually acquire it when they fail, Google approach to everything is “evil”! And i’m not talking about forcing Google+ on people or harvesting Wifi data via GoogleMap fleet, or even EU tax evasion schemes.



Google is Hooli

Here’s some of the evil ways the search giant address different issues:

$ Search rank manipulation, Once Google launched it’s own Shopping service it started skkkrewing the big eCommerce sites in search results > antitrust. But it’s not really an exception, it’s the rule ex1, ex2.

$ Taking People for Stupids, Lately Google wanted to acquire as much patents as possible, in an effort to limit any future tech company, and giving it more leverage to acquire or clone it, that is extremely evil, but what is more evil is taking people for fools by calling the patent grab as a promotion!

$ Portraying brainwashing as charity, like Facebook’s internet.org, Google has it’s own internet to the world brainwashing project. In theory these projects are to help poor people by providing them access to internet, in reality, they only provide a very small number of sites (a dozen or so), enough to get these people addicted to the services of the providers.

$ The use of Android as a torjan horse, back in the days when Apple dominated the smartphone market, Google tricked handset makers to enter into an alliance to promote the Android system, which Google offered them for free, but when Android got traction thanks to the marketing money invested by all the gullible partners, Google started exercising strong restrictions and forcing these partners to feature up to 20 of Google’s Apps on each Android powered phone start page!

$ Sabotaging SEO to maintain advertisers hooked on Adwords , Lately Google announced that mobile friendly sites will have higher ranking, in other words if website is not mobile responsive, it will lose rank, that is not the first time Google implement absurd search ranking requirements, actually it has an entire system of penalties and search rank updates, the essence of these penalties is to make SEO as unstable as possible, simply put, SEO is the ennemy of Adwords, and Adwords is the Google’s Cash machine!

$ Revenge tactics, When an ebay study showed that “For major brands, household names, search ads don’t have any value.” the search giant was fast to penalize ebay, dropping it’s organic traffic by 80% just 2 month after the publications of these findings.

$ Cloning Startups & Products, Whenever Google finds an interesting startup or product, it directs it’s huge programmers tank to clone it or have a similar service, the examples are numerous Google+, Shopping, Knol, Google directory, etc …. but here’s one that got no news coverage.

$ Scrapping Content from sites, in a blackmail style, Google have been scrapping content from sites for the last several years starting with Wikipedia, then expanded to dictionaries and almost every authority content sites, these sites obviously do not want their content stolen by Google, but they have no choice but to comply if they wish to stay on top of search results, refusing would mean that the search giant will use a competing site instead, and that competing site will be on top of search results.

$ Shady tactics to grab attention and to denigrate competitors, Google have tradition of using supposedly “user submited” content to promote or create buzz for it’s services whether it is global or local, but also to denigrate competitors!

$ Pays Minions to write good press about it and penalize others if they do so, there’s no doubt Google wants you to love it, and to do so apparently it have been paying some in the press and bloggers for good coverage, and it have been doing it for a long time, without being uncovered , Google have a penalty for what it is doing, and if other sites did that they would be penalized, as well as the sites linking to them.
Reminds you of the early days of Google, when they convinced hundred of thousands of sites to put small banners supporting Google or link to Google to get better ranking!

$ Penalize critics & hides negative coverage, for the last couple of years we have been testing this theory which first came to our attention when we criticized the search engine back in 2012 and got this traffic drop as a

techfactsince, we noticed that any criticism to Google would rank much lower than standard news, even some articles and sites get deindexed!




If all this is true, and if Google was really evil, why we don’t hear more about this?

Google is not evil, it might have some evil practices but no one sets to be evil!
Last point , above, would explain why not much publications would dare to criticize it.
But most importantly, we do not care, we love the free stuff , and Google provides many good services, from Google Maps, to Gmail, etc …
And even more importantly, Google have an amazing PR Team, they get us exited with new services and monthly doodles, that we really forget to look at what might be more crucial!


Hey, but don’t take my words for it, listen to what Assange & Snowden have to say about Google:

Google is US secret services weapon to influence control and spy on countries according to Assange,
Snowden says it outright avoid Google!


So here you go, another article written and soon to be forgotten, and ranked in the 10th page, but fortunately social media prove that there’s another way for articles to reach people, so please do share it!