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in Apple - 26 Oct, 2014
by Tech Journalist - no comments
The war on tech have begun!

When technology solve problems it creates wealth, but when tech tries to disrupt industries it creates enemies!

20 years ago, when Amazon launched it entered in direct competition with big bookstores, but at the time, internet was far less present in our daily lives, thus Amazon was not seen as a real threat to the bookstore industry until it became and successfully crippled that industry! Consumer wise, it was a win, because Amazon was providing at least 10x more books than the biggest bookstore.

But, time have changed, internet is involved in every aspect of our daily personal and professional life, tech companies are sitting on mountains of cash, and brick and mortar companies are struggling with the economy!

To make things worse, trust in tech companies have plummeted,  especially when tech giants like Facebook and Google got greedy, Facebook for instance, convinced brands to advertise and grow their FB pages, promising them that each fan gained is gained forever, and to the brands surprise Facebook later ridiculously reduced the reach of their pages, asking them to pay to reach the fans they paid to acquire, brands felt cheated!
As for Google, well, few years ago (2007), the search giant convinced a bunch of telecommunication companies, mobile manufacturing companies, to form an alliance and back Android  Operating System, at that Apple and Blackberry were battling the smartphone market, Android was a none player, but after Android was able to successfully dominate the smartphone market, thanks to the effort of the members of the alliance, Google turned it’s back on the Alliance putting tough requirements on the use of the Android OS!

Big tech companies are looking to make more money, smaller tech companies are looking to disrupt industries, and all this have somehow created a wave of decision that can be described as anti tech or more precisely anti tech companies!

Starting from Europe:
Where governments have decided to crack down on taxi like services (Uber,Lyft, etc …) that offered a taxi like service without complying with the requirements to run taxis!
These startups decided to disrupt the taxi transportation market, but they did not bother to ask themselves why the taxi market was regulated, and they thought that allowing a driver to use their apps would free the driver from the requirement of buying a taxi licence from the government!

Hollywood followed:
hulu, netflix … offered a video streaming solution, allowing users to watch and re-watch movies and series for a fee! These services give a cut to the studios, that produced these movies and shows. But it seams that these studios have finally realized that they can keep all the money for themselves instead of splitting it with these startups! Hollywood studios have decided to directly offer their content through streaming sites that they will be launching in the coming year!

Then came the Retailers:
Some retailers and supermarkets resisted the installation of credit card readers, and insisted on payment by cash only, the reason is that these payment terminals take a certain percentage of the sum as a commission for the credit card maker! But now Apple by introducing it’s Apple Pay want to play the same role as the credit card makers and get a percentage on every cent you spend, Google have a similar solution called Google Wallet! The retailers that were always unhappy to have to lose a certain percentage of their revenue to the credit card makers, were unhappy to know that Apple and Google are going to play the same game, but this time with a software instead of credit cards! An alliance of several big US retailers decided to fight the tech giant by introducing their own digital payment solution next year, and proceeded to block both Apple Pay and Google Wallet on their terminals. This will not pass by, it will likely create a reaction from both Google and Apple in the form of rejecting any payment solution by these retailers, as for CurrentC to be available, it needs to be in both the Apple store and Google Play store, this said the tech companies will probably find a million excuse to reject the application and make the retailers alternative obsolete!