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in Startups - 08 Aug, 2014
by Siddharth Muzumdar - no comments
Entrepreneurship in India – what drives them?

Entrepreneurship in India is probably the next big thing. There is countless evidence to support the notion that people are beginning to get fed up of their monotonous jobs and are looking for their own ventures to carve a career out of. The number of start-ups has exploded in the last decade and it is not likely to slow down in the foreseeable future, considering the raw potential and talent that abounds the country.


Right from our birth, we have been programmed by our education system to follow a particular path and seek our goals which, incidentally, have been fed to us. The entire purpose of education is to achieve good grades, get into a good college and land up with a job and toil for the rest of our lives, till one day, we can take it no more and decide to finally retire and live a life of mediocrity and obscurity.


But perhaps there are some who are not afraid to take the riskier path. There are some who are willing to let go of the lure of the stability of a decent paying job and follow their passions, no matter how different or weird they may sound to some. These people are the entrepreneurs.


They are the ones who truly follow their dreams, despite all the materialistic hurdles and hindrances that deter most of us from venturing out on our own. Of course, this is not to say that every single person should quit his or her job and venture out on his or her own. But the ones who do are the ones who decide to come out of the rut of an unsatisfactory job and take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.


So what is it exactly that drives entrepreneurs? Is it the glory of starting something on one’s own? Is it the happiness of having created something from scratch? Is it the money that comes in if the idea works? Is it the grilling experience of growing something from a mere idea to a business reality? Is it a combination of all?


What do you think? What drives entrepreneurs? Are you one? Tell us your experience…