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in world tech - 04 Aug, 2014
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How Credible or Reliable is Techcrunch and the Tech Bloggers in General?

How Credible is Techcrunch?


How Reliable are the Tech Blogs in General?

This Article is written by Sandra Dupon, it reflect her opinion alone, and does not reflect the opinions of Techfact, it’s founders and investors, who value the contributions TechCrunch have done to the tech community.


TechCrunch is a media outlet that mainly cover tech and startups, but it has 1 major flaw, it’s flaw is that it is biased, it’s reporting is filled with conflict of interest and bias ( you can see an article we previously wrote here).


To give you an example, there’s a stupid app that does nothing except send the word YO, without any doubt this is the stupidest app ever, and does not deserve a single article, but for some reason this Israeli startup got the entire world talking about it and about it’s stupidity. While all the other tech and media outlets wrote at most 1 article about this useless app, Techcrunch wrote at least 3 articles!
Hundreds of excellent apps and thousands of average apps are begging for media coverage, all are ignored by Techcrunch to focus on a stupid app, that is not the exception though, it is the rule, TC will cover over and over and over the same startups till they make them happen or at least try to!


TC does not have the consumer best interest in mind, it is simply a propaganda machine, with a simple mission: making small some tech companies reach a wider and wider audience … Recently Google was caught analyzing (not only scanning) the gmail data, did TC write about it? Of course not, TC does not bother to write anything that might be critical of Google operations or strategies in any way!
Not only Google, Facebook gets a similar treatment, a recently launched internet.org FB App for Africa was clearly a torjan horse intended to hook young Africans on Facebook, instead TC article was:  “Facebook Takes A Stand With Free Access To Women’s Rights Info In Africa”, are you f*k*ng kidding me!!! Yeah among the sites that the app allowed to access – other than facebook and Google search – was a site for women rights, you know the kind of bundle that makes you look good while administering a poison!  So not only TC bloggers do not have the flair of good reporters, but they actually are writing propaganda articles in favor of the Sillicon Valley tech giant, TC is no more than a PR agency for these Tech giants!


But you know what, why even believe me ? here’s the word said by Tech Crunch editor in chief:

Swisher (an editor of another tech blog) and  panelist Alexia Tsotsis, the co-editor of TechCrunch, spoke of the non-investigative nature of the bulk of their coverage—fundings, job changes, new product features.

Tsotsis was especially abject, suggesting that even if she’d received the Edward Snowden documents, she probably “would have succumbed to the pressure of the Obama administration now”;
TechCrunch “is just a cheerleader,” she said, and “a lot of tech media is sort of in the pockets of the people we cover
We are right in the middle, in the thick, of the tech industry.”

By their own word they admit that they are in the pockets of the SV tech companies, meaning they are used as propaganda tools! Adding that TechCrunch “is just a cheerleader”, that’s right a chearleader that cheers for certain companies and totally ignore others the same way a cheerleader cheers for a team against another!