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in Google - 17 May, 2014
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Is it the Google fall, but no one noticed it yet?

To the untrained eye, Google is on top of it’s game, but underneath this well polished and maintained brand there’s a lot of rust surfacing, and not in one specific location, but rather all over the place. Here’s what i personally noticed – first hand – not read on blogs during only a 2 week period:

Search is broken:
Google search have not evolved, it did not become any smarter, actually it’s becoming dumber … Yes! Google is now applying social factors (shares/likes), while still implementing it’s authority sites system and it’s useless PR system, and as a result  you get results from:  Blogging sites like the huffingtonPost, mashable on every aspects of life, celebrity, politics, cat videos, you name it … and Google search is so dumb it can’t recognize what an authority site is an authority for!


Google Apps is buggy and no one is fixing it:
Google Apps for businesses have bugs still unresolved since 2011-2010, while trying to share a sheet on the web from a Google Apps for domains, i stumbeled on a bug that prevented publtc sharing, after research, it seams the same bug have been present since 2010-2011 and still not fixed!

Youtube is the wild west:
– I had a channel with some 30 videos, all legal all within the rules, no nudity, nothing offensive, nothing that might break the rules of Youtube, and then one day, the videos got flagged , channel suspended and videos deleted, but don’t bother contact support, nobody is listening, several emails went unanswered other than the automatically generated reply!- Another incident involved a sound effect on a collaboration video i worked on for another channel, the sound effect was recognized as a music track, which basically show how easy it is to abuse of the track recognition system.
– Youtube still have the biggest collection of copyrighted content on the web, and the only reason it is still attracting visitors is because of this content!

Blogger is long forgotten:
Have you been to blogger lately? it looks like a forgotten project, the Gadgets are far behind Google’s own products like”calendars’ etc … templates are few, spam gadgets represent the majority of the blogging platform gadgets!

Google+ is a ghost town!

It is a very interesting platform and it makes sense, but no one is interested in it, it’s like one of those startups that is great but never get traction! Before Google Plus there was a failed attempt called Google wave!

Google Glass is a Joke:
Glass has a huge PR problem, bars and restaurants are banning it, and lately the $80 parts price cost made it even less desirable!

Google Reputation suffering due to NSA:
Google is now considered a tool for the NSA and even called the big brother, Google credibility is questioned and privacy practices scrutinized

This is what i noticed in a 2 week span, who knows how much more can be uncovered !