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in Weekly - 04 Mar, 2013
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Tech News of the week [25 feb- 4 Mars]

Tech News for this week:


Every week, we present a quick summary of the most important events and news in the Tech industry, below you’ll find the main news for this week:


  • Apple update will neutralize EvasiOn Jailbreak.
  • Sony will have Firefox OS operated mobiles next year.
  • A second iPhone bypass code bug found.
  • Google testing data compression proxy feature for Android to speed up browsing, feature similar to by Opera Turbo and Amazon Silk.



  • This January, Microsoft launched the cloud-hosted Office 365 Home Premium, the consumer-focused Office 2013. & On February 27, it launched the updated business versions.
  • Google Application to interpret sign language, is rolled for google hangouts, chrome, drive & gmail.



  • Google + allows apps and websites to give users possibility to sign-in using Google+ account, Facebook and Twitter have been offering this feature for some time.
  • Spotify (the music streaming service) has now a social feature: allowing you to follow other users.
  • NewYork times report that Facebook is suppressing content of users in favor of paid content.



  • Intel will be offering streaming TV service, selling bundles of TV channels streamed to the TV or computer through the internet.


Hardware /Gadgets:

  • 3D computer interface was created by Jinha Lee an MIT Grad in an internship at Microsoft.
  • Xbox Live a movie distribution platform? Pulp a low-budget British comedy is being distributed exclusively through Xbox!



  • After re-targeting, Facebook now allows advertisers to take advantage of buyers data, partners with purchase data providers.
  • Facebook confirms it will buy Atlas Advertiser suite from Microsoft.



  • Apple iTunes in the Cloud  services now offers support for Movies in 12 European countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden , which allows access to previously downloaded movies. France got support for TV shows as well.
  • EU competition regulators plan to fine Microsoft before the end of March up to 10% of global revenue, because MS is pre-installing internet explorer browser instead of giving the choice.



  • iTune U, the online catalog of free educational content from top schools , libraries, museums and organizations to help educators create courses etc have reached 1 billion downloads.
  • Apple is selling approximately 17 million ibook per month.


Company growth:

  • Groupon fired it’s CEO “Andrew Mason” after less than expected earnings, replaced by Executive Chairman Eric Lefkofsky and Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis while the company is looking for a new CEO.
  • Google Compute Engine & Windows Azure competition obliges Amazon to lower prices again, messaging and notification services now cost less.
  • Yahoo transitioning from Media company to tech company, and terminating several small or unsuccessful projects to focus on new and more successful ones. The services being closed: Yahoo! Avatars, Yahoo! app for BlackBerry, Yahoo! Clues, Yahoo! App Search , Yahoo! Sports IQ , Yahoo! Message Boards website, Yahoo! Updates API.


Cyber security:

  • Reports claim that Chinese hackers are stealing a terabyte of Data every day from companies and governments worldwide, According to The New York Timesthe U.S. government  believes that China can use the internet to sabotage water supplies, shut down power stations and handicap the financial system.
  • China claim that the U.S. hack the Chinese military sites very frequently, and that 2 Chinese military Web sites received about 144,000 hacking attacks per month last year, 2/3 of which were originating from the United States.
  • Feds in Canada warn Agents that PIN-to-PIN messaging is not that secure.
  • Evernote was hacked, usernames and passwords accessed by hackers.



  • One guy is suing the 2 Snapchat co-founders claiming to be one of the co-founders before being removed and banned from the system, Snapchat app let users text/pictures messages self destruct in few seconds.
  • A U.S.  Bill to fine patent trolls (companies that amass patents without using them all), because they hinder innovation and economy.
  • Sir Robin Jacob. a UK judge who issued extreme ruling  against Apple in favor of Samsung hired and said Apple lacked integrity a year ago, was now hired by Samsung as an expert!
  • The UK High Court ordered  major ISP’s to block access to 3 websites sharing links to pirated material.
  • Tech entrepreneur Jennifer Sultan, who sold her company for $70 million 13 years ago, is accused of selling drugs after she lost all her money on failed ventures.
  • Denmark ask for $1 billion in taxes from Microsoft over a purchase deal done 10 years ago of a danish company for the sum of $1.3 billion.
  • German law spares Google from paying fees for indexing news in Google news service, publishers not happy.
  • David Einhorn, the big Apple shareholder suit against apple dropped!
  • Samsung $1 billion damages to Apple reduced to $600M by another trial, but the final decision about the total amount is still not known, waiting another trial.
  • Bradley Manning confessed of being the source of Wikileaks documents and Video of U.S. copter shooting civilians in Iraq.



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