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in Google - 26 Feb, 2013
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Google Samsung relation friends and foes, giving life to Android but can kill it too

The Google Samsung relation is probably one of the most complicated partnerships between any 2 tech companies,

  • Google developed Android , a mobile Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices.
  • Samsung is the mobile handset manufacturer that is taking advantage the most of the Android OS, 200 million + devices more than any other Android using Handset company.
  • Google pay Samsung more than 10% of  mobile ads revenue generated by Samsung devices.
  • Google Motorola Mobile unit, producing X-Phone, a smartphone that will be probably loaded with more advanced Android systems and will be competing directly with iPhone and Galaxy S devices.
  • Samsung had 39.6% of the global smartphone market and  27.9% of the tablets market last year .
  • Google is not satisfied of  Samsung dominating the Android ecosystem, because it would give Samsung leverage, and allow the Korean company to more or less dictate it’s conditions on the search giant.

That’s why a lot is happening behind closed doors, Google might be trying to weaken the grip of Samsung over the Android market, like motivating big PC and Mobile manufacturers to increase production of Android powered devices, like recently HP ditching it’s WebOS in favor of Android.

Samsung understood the game, and is sending a strong message to the Google, Samsung will start producing Windows powered devices, and is co-developing with intel a Linux open source Mobile OS named Tizen. So the message Samsung is sending to Google is a simple don’t mess with us threat, “we gave life to android through our devices and we can as easily kill it”.