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in Google - 02 Feb, 2013
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Google Street View’s naked french couple Staged – Fake – but killed bambi

When something is obviously staged or fake, and you intentionally spread it without saying it is, then sorry but you do not deserve to be considered a news outlet ( yes it’s about you Gizmodo, beatbeta and dailydot).

Google street view supposedly captured a naked couple in a french village!
Inside a shop!

street view google naked french couple

Who staged this fake sensation is unknown, did the shop owner act alone, or was it a joint plan with Google PR team, it’s unknown, but to get this on Gizmodo and other outlets and make them turn a blind eye on the possibility that it’s fake, only means that some higher GG powers were involved.

It is not the first time such weird picture appear, so why call this staged and fake ?
Indeed earlier this year Google denied killing a donkey in Africa.

He is alive Google say (others say this was the before photo, photoshoped – both claims are not very believable ):

After car passes – back camera (360° angle):

Google said, the donkey moved aside as the car drove past. It likely was lying down as part of a “dust bath.”

We noticed the Google view car have passed another car, and luckily we were able to find the name of the organization, that had a somewhat more believable explanation: http://www.africainsight.com/index.php?section=6&subsection=2

Earlier in 2009 Google Street killed a baby deer (some called it bambi)


Why would the French couple be fake?

1- Why Google “street view” is peeping into stores?
It’s service you can ASK for > so this rises the chance that it’s all staged – Fake

2- Why under-wears down and they are facing each others – like kids? Not logical
3- The same store shows several similar weird picture > 100% staged. (skier falling etc …)

here you go check by yourself : Google fake naked couple Google street view link.