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in Advertising - 31 Jan, 2013
by Tech Journalist - no comments
Selling canned Air !

2 years ago “Rachel Sequoia” presented her startup “Share The Air” to a hall full of entrepreneurs and investors, at a Venture Capital Fundraising Club event in Silicon Valley. The idea called ridiculous was laughed at by millions of internet users since Mars 2011 when the video of the presentation was uploaded to Youtube. Rachel was trying to raise capital for her startup that wanted to sell pressured canned air. In reality it was a prank, the event organizers imagined the most ridiculous idea, and idea that would bring attention! it worked … but …


Fast forward, now in 2013 one of the biggest Chinese businessmen have done just that, he canned Air and is selling the cans for 80 cents, the business tycoon compares the canned air to bottled water! even though bottled water can satisfy the need of a human being, canned air can not, or at least not in the form sold by this Chinese businessman.

Is this a publicity stunt or a real viable business, only time will tell.