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in Mobile - 31 Jan, 2013
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[App Review] Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 smart shoot app an instant photoshop effect

Taking a good photo is often harder than it sounds, you know what it takes to capture the perfect picture, if you are using a professional camera you will need 2-3 shots, if you are using a smartphone the number can be as high as 10 shots!  The time required for this perfect photo would range from 5 min to 30 min but this could change!

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 basically allows you to photoshop the perfect photo instantly on your smartphone, using an application smart shoot , basically this app will allow you to create the perfect photo by combining elements from several photo shots.

So all you have to do is to take a sequence of consecutive photos, and the app wizard will photoshop the perfect photo!

here’s how nokia describes the app:

How often in a group photo will one person have their eyes closed, or is looking the other way? And, isn’t it annoying when a total stranger walks into the edge of the frame just as you’re taking a shot?

Nokia’s imaging wizards have created Smart Shoot to help you in both of these common scenarios. By shooting a sequence of images, Smart Shoot can change faces and remove unwanted objects so that you’ll always have the perfect picture.

here’s some demonstration images and video :

Eyes closed in a photo? not a problem for smart shoot:


Unwanted objects and people in the photo? not a problem for smartshoot!


And the video ad: