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in Weekly - 29 Jan, 2013
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Last week, Tech news

Twitter release an instagram of video iOS app, called Vine limited to 6 sec, record only while you hold your thumb.

Facebook limits access of Vine to it’s network blocking users from finding their friends, renders Vine much less useful.

Yahoo 4th quarter revenue at $1.22 billion, Yahoo! exhibiting revenue growth for the first time in 4 years.

Unlocking Phones is now illegal in the US.

Flag terrorism button funded by the EU, in hope to be integrated in the browsers and Operating Systems.

Adbrite the Ad network shutting down on February 1st

Atari (USA) trying to break from French parent company Atari SA by filing for bankruptcy and hoping to take the business private to eventually focus on digital and mobile platforms.

Mega, Dotcom’s new venture gets more than a million users in just a day, legally wise, Kim say his new startup was created with a mega legally scrutinizing, every step in this project was done to handle law correctly, taking this website down would be very difficult legally.

Microsoft to revamp it’s brand and logos, hiring a minimalist designer.

New Myspace a Music social network , open again, No press NO Buzz nothing ( some call it Spotify with a social network).

Firefox launches a Mobile Operating System: Firefox OS. more info

Microsoft surface pro comes out Feb 9, price: starting 899$

Google’s smart watch ? October 2nd, Google filed a patent for a smartwatch, this might be connected to Glass project (connection glass-watch).