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in Yahoo - 23 Jan, 2013
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Yahoo back in the game, going after ex-employees

The last few years, Yahoo have been one of worst managed big Tech companies, it has lost most of it’s search market share, ill-managed many of it’s properties and was basically turning in circles … till Marissa Mayer, the engineer, designer and manager that held several key positions at Google , was chosen to become CEO of Yahoo.

Marissa showed strong Managerial skills, taking many very important decisions, that are helping Yahoo gain it’s reputation and strengthen it’s business.


Here’s some of what can be considered very strategic decisions taken by Yahoo since the new CEO took office:

Yahoo Axis: (ignored by most tech blogs ) In today’s multi smart-device per user norm, Axis is probably one of the best toolbars/browsers if we can call it like this available, allowing to jump from one device to another while keeping the flow of your thoughts.  (Even Google saw a threat.)

Free  iPhone5’s and top smartphones + Databills : that’s what Marissa gave Yahoo employees, not only to allow them to have the same user experience as today’s users but also make them love their company more! and will probably increase the desirability of working at Yahoo!

Flickr integration in image search, the former Google VIP took a very important property, that previous CEO’s did not know how to use and used it in a way that injected new hope in Yahoo search.


All these events that took place in less than a year (Mayer became CEO since July), if you still don’t beleive that Yahoo is back in the game as we have said over and over before, read below:

Yahoo is going after ex-employees, hoping with the company’s new spirit many will decide to join again, sure many engineers decided to do their own startups, but most startups  fail, so this move is giving an honorable way back to many of those who exited the company.


According to one ex Yahoo employee, “Tom coates” who was one of those targeted, Yahoo has been sending since few months a “employee welcome” back kit for former VP’s, PM’s and engineers. Inside the kit a clear message can be read between the lines, This is the new Yahoo, and Big things are coming, we want you on board.