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in Hot Topics - 23 Jan, 2013
by Tech Journalist - one comment
Quora new Blog platform will poses a real threat to every blogging platform

An hour or so ago Quora, the Question/Answers startup, launched a blogging platform, sure there are many blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc … but what differentiate Quora’s platform is that you will get an audience instantly.


While other average joe bloggers are getting 5-10 visits to a blog post,  Quora bloggers will get hundreds of visits with no effort and no marketing, and this is thanks to the topics and voting system that automatically pushes the information in the stream of those following the specific topic.


Quora’s co-founder Adam D’Angelo announced last month that his company was planning to expand beyond questions and answers :

“The internet was supposed to allow anyone to set up a web page and share their knowledge with the world. But in practice it’s too difficult and takes too long and almost no one does it. Blogs are easy to start, but unless the author is famous, it takes years to build a following. More than a billion people use the internet yet only a tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it.”


That is exactly what Quora is solving, giving a following to anyone with a Blog on Quora, which is considered the holy grail of blogging, Quora is on a path of disrupting the industry, but at the same time there’s a risk of killing it’s Q/A service, only time will tell.



Some of the features of the Blogs that can be created on Quora:

– Unlimite blogs: you can create as much as you want ( similar to wordpress, Blogger)

– You can follow any blog, thus the posts will show up in your stream.

– You can be notified by email when a new post is created on any of the blogs you are following.




Monetization wise, Quora had it figured out since the beginning, it’s all about the credits,  till now there’s no way to buy credits, but once the purchase credits option is available, the money will start rolling, especially that asking promoting questions or posts is credits consuming ( asking a question costs 50 credits, but promoting to 200 person requires 1000 credits).


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